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5 healthy travel tips

Hello! I just got back from a quick two-day work trip to New Orleans. As I was sitting on the plane I thought of some healthy travel tips to share with you guys. Hopefully at least one of these tricks will be new to you!

1.Make sure you have water. This is sort of a no-brainer but I’m putting it on the list anyways. It’s easy to get dehydrated when you’re running around airports and hotels — so be sure to bring your own water bottle to refill or buy a new bottle as soon as you’re in the airport. I like small bottles that are light and easy to carry in your purse – I usually bring my handheld refillable water bottle or buy a Fiji water at the airport (not because I’m fancy, but because I like the sturdy squareness of the bottle. It travels better than flimsy round bottles!) Downloads2. Do not take the moving walkway, escalator, or elevator. Unless I have a massive suitcase or stroller, I try to take the steps as much as possible when I’m in the airport. It’s a mini workout! And also, taking the stairs is often faster than a slow-moving escalator behind a bunch of standstill people. Extra tip: Go for duffel bags and backpacks over roller suitcases for a “weighted” workout :)08181509383. Stock up on healthy snacks. Save yourself a bunch of money and avoid unhealthy airport food by taking a few minutes to pack your own snacks before you leave! For my trip to New Orleans this week, I took a small container of trail mix (these cheap toddler snack containers are perfect for packing small things!) and a hard-boiled egg. Other portable, durable healthy snack ideas: bananas, apples, granola bars, PB&J, string cheese, baby carrots (though they are really crunchy and loud so make sure to apologize to the person sitting next to you). I’ve even brought yogurt before — it didn’t count as a liquid going through security, FYI! I’m sure there are a bunch of other good airport snack ideas. Share them in the comments!2015-08-184. Pack your sneakers in your carry-on. There are a few reasons I like to bring my running shoes in my carry-on bag: 1) If my flight is delayed, I can do a little power walk around the airport; 2) By tying my shoes to the outside of my backpack, I save space and don’t risk stinking up the rest of my stuff; 3) If my checked luggage gets lost, at least I can run/walk off my anger :)08181509315. Squeeze in a workout before you go. Even if you have to wake up extra-extra early to work out before you fly, remember that you can always catch up on sleep while you’re on the plane :) . I don’t know about you guys, but I feel a lot less restless and stressed when I get to the airport if I’ve had time to wake up, exercise, shower, and get my life in order before takeoff.  I know travel schedules are really unpredictable so I make sure to catch up on sleep as much as I can during airplane and taxi rides. I even have one of those sexy neck pillows to make sure I can sleep anywhere, anytime. Tip: If you need to fit in a quick workout with minimal equipment or weights, try the Nike Training App. It’s my on-the-go personal trainer!IMG_20150820_070114Of course, if you can’t sleep well on planes or in cars, well… maybe just buy an extra coffee at the airport :) Mery always gets one just in case.0818150736bWhat are your healthy travel tips?

5 thoughts on “5 healthy travel tips

  1. Completely agree about squeezing in that extra workout before you go! I’ve been traveling internationally a lot for work lately and try to work in the longest or hardest run for the week on the day of the trip…not that traveling for 24 hours is the best recovery!

    I think I’d also have to second that investing in the right gear–everything from the clothes you wear to the bags you choose to check or carry on–can make it much easier to stay active (and maneuver in general) while traveling.

    Great post!

  2. I agree with the Fiji water bottle – I always get one of those because they’re sturdier!

    I like to bring my lavender essential oil blend on the plane as well. It relaxes me when I get a little jumpy if there’s turbulence and also after a while the plane seems to smell a bit so a nice sent always helps!