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apparently i went for a run this morning

What a morning. Didn’t see the sun until mile 8:0821150546But luckily I had Lizzie to keep me company during miles 2-7! I started my run extra-extra early today because it had to be extra-extra long. We are off to the lake this weekend with friends so I wanted to squeeze in my big run for the week before we left. Good thing I did or else I might have missed this lovely plastic shelf on the road.0821150547After I sort of woke up around mile 10, I met Anthony at Shelby Park. He came with a energy gel, water, and fresh conversation to keep me going!0821150553We did 8 miles together and really pushed the pace. Not because we wanted to, but because Anthony had to be at work early today. Always a good training method — literally racing¬†against the clock.

I know I was running for more than 2 hours this morning but I don’t really remember most of it. I guess I stopped to take a picture at some point though.0821150641cGood run! I’m going to want to nap in about 30 minutes so that should be interesting.0821150711 I think the cooler weather definitely helped me stay strong this morning — and a good dinner last night fueled me along nicely, too. I’ve been digging the pre-run pasta thing. No red sauce (too acidic, I think) — just olive oil and herbs.pasta with chicken, tomato, and basilThis dish featured a bunch of random stuff from our fridge/garden — fresh basil, a lonely tomato, and a ball of mozzerella. The main event: shredded chicken and Barilla Plus noodles, tied together with a generous pour of olive oil.pasta with chicken, tomato, and basilSimple but good!pasta with chicken, tomato, and basilI want to talk more, but have to run again. Sorry that the blog posts have been short this week — between travel, work, marathon training, and life in general it’s been a busy one. Looking forward to a restful weekend and I’ll check back in soon!

  • Most miles you’ve ever run on a work day?
  • What’s your pre-long run meal of choice?
  • Favorite energy gel flavor? Mine is mango Huma gel so far. Yum.

4 thoughts on “apparently i went for a run this morning

  1. You just took the definition of ‘morning person’ to a whole different level! How did you fare at work afterwards?

    I’ve only done 5 before work but your dedication inspires me!

    • haha i was very tired, but also very busy so the day flew by. definitely crashed by 9 pm that night, though!