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Good Monday morning!0824150629Today came way too soon. We had a busy weekend — but I’ll get to that after recapping this morning’s run :)

I did a little tour of East Nashville that started dark and early with my friend Katie. Always good to have a buddy waiting on you to get you out of bed!0824150624We caught up while the sun eventually rose. I’m bummed out that the sunrise is getting later and later every day — it’s almost headlamp season again. #fashion

We chatted away and before I knew it we were at mile 6.5. After I dropped off Katie, I tacked on a few more solo. Some more street art:0824150635And some fabulous street furniture. This might be one of the most high-quality mattresses I’ve seen on the sidewalks in a while… on Chapel Street if you’re in the market for a Sealy Queen double pillow-top :)0824150647Notice anything different about the photo below?!!!!!0824150652aIt’s my beautiful new Garmin! My Forerunner 210 has been pretty buggy for the past few months, so Anthony surprised me with this lovely new Forerunner 220 for my birthday. He truly knows the way to my heart. Today was my first run with the 220 and I really liked it. Would it be weird if I named my Garmin? Any suggestions if I do?

Other b-day celebrations included a big ole family party at my sister’s place, topped off with my mom’s triple-layer German chocolate cake…0823151748aand a party at the lake with some of our friends!20150822_110120 (1)I hardly took any photos this weekend — I guess I’m just getting forgetful in my old age :). Anyways, we spent a ton of time in the water and on the dock. Does anyone else think that any food tastes 10x better when eaten outside with a view?0822151905aSame rule applies to drinks 😉0822151643Cheers!

  • Weekend highlights?
  • What Garmin do you have? Does it have a name?
  • Regular cake or cupcakes?! (I had both this weekend for good measure.)

11 thoughts on “weekend snapshots

  1. I have the same garmin! I’ve had it for 1.5 years, and loved it! It’s very good at finding and keeping a signal (but maybe that’s because I’m in D.C.). It also has great options for timing your laps or just wearing as a watch with the time on it. Let us know what you think of it after a few uses!

  2. Ha ha — naming the Garmin is not too odd. We named the Garmin we use for our car “Gabby” because she seems to talk all the time (recalculating….).
    You should name it something that inspires you for early morning running….

  3. Totally not weird to name your watch. I name my running shoes. I start with an A name and then work my way through the alphabet with each new pair. And I like all cake. Especially with cream cheese frosting!!