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track workout and a costco treasure

Hello friends. What have you been up to this morning? I’ve been prepping a slow-cooker meal for tonight and just finished running in circles.0825150637Track workout today was a simple one: 2 miles, one-minute rest, one mile. I came in at 6:31, 6;35, and 6:29. Those last few laps were tough but the cool temps this morning made the workout feel easier.0825150638 Plus I spotted a lucky penny during the last mile. Heads or tails?0825150637dThis was my last workout with the “fast times at East Lit High” group for a couple of weeks. Next Tuesday I’ll be strolling through Italian cobblestone streets with a pastry in hand — that counts as a workout, right? :)

Since we’re days away from our European adventure, I’m trying to wipe out everything in our fridge. This hodgepodge dinner we made last night actually turned out pretty well!sesame teriyaki grilled chicken with veggies and riceThe secret ingredient: this sesame-teriyaki sauce that my mom picked up at Costco for me the other week. (thanks, Mom!) Does anyone else love random Costco treasures?organic ville sesame teriyaki sauceLooks like the sauce is for sale on Amazon, too. I’d recommend it!

I tossed some chicken in the sauce in the morning and let it marinate in the fridge while we were at work. When we came home, Anthony grilled it up in minutes. On the side: plain brown rice and some random vegetables. sesame teriyaki grilled chicken with veggies and riceAfter I pan-cooked the vegetables on the stove, I tossed them in a mix of soy sauce, sesame oil, and sesame seeds. sesame teriyaki grilled chicken with veggies and riceFor a spur-of-the-moment dinner that we started cooking at 8 pm and finished cooking at 8:20, we thought this came out pretty well. I have another 100% Mary-invented meal on the menu tonight — let’s see if I can go two for two! :)

  • What time do you usually eat dinner?
  • Do you meal plan for the week or just wing it as you go?
  • Heads or tails?

6 thoughts on “track workout and a costco treasure

  1. Ooh, Italy! Get the gelato. It is epic and awesome there in a way that American gelato cannot compare.

    I usually meal plan my lunches and dinners, but wing breakfast because my workplace supplies lots of breakfast food.

    Tails. ‘Cause Taylor Swift says to shake it off.

  2. I just got back from Italy on Sunday! Such a beautiful country. Definitely run as much as you can in the mornings! The smells wafting from the pasticcerias are unreal and the streets are usually very quiet, so you can easily scope out where to eat for the day!