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here’s our weekly taco post

How’s your morning looking? Mine’s flowing right along._DSC0213I’m terrible when it comes to stretching before or after runs, so today I forced myself to do a little bit of yoga. I’ve been packing in the miles lately and tomorrow I have a big run. And THEN we’re going to sit on a plane to the UK after that! So, I figured my legs could use a good stretch.

Unfortunately I was not able to stretch them as insanely as these women from yogadownload.com. How does Instructor Rose keep her leg so straight? And also: how does she keep her non-ponytail hair and bangs perfectly in place during downward dog?_DSC0214These are the things I ponder during yoga. I’m not a very good student! :)

Moving right along to our weekly dose of tacos:pork tenderloin slow cooked tacosAs I mentioned yesterday, we’re cleaning out the fridge before we depart. Yesterday I looked at two lonely bell peppers, an over-ripe avocado, and a half-empty jar of sour cream… and knew that it was taco time.pork tenderloin slow cooked tacosThe main filling was slow-cooked pork and black beans. But, who cares about the filling? I’m all about the toppings. Greek yogurt, salsa, and cilantro! Yum.pork tenderloin slow cooked tacosEvery time I talk about tacos I get asked about our fabulous taco holders: here they are. Best $8 you will ever spend 😉pork tenderloin slow cooked tacosTime to go wrap up my last day of work before we leave — and then it’s time to get packing!

  • Do you usually make time to stretch before/after a run?
  • Do you run/exercise with your hair down?
  • Important question: What’s a good brand of chunky salsa? We tried this Frog Ranch salsa last night and thought it was terrible. (Side note: what kind of name is Frog Ranch, anyways?) Need better salsa in my life ASAP.

7 thoughts on “here’s our weekly taco post

  1. I am terrible about stretching after running! But I do it at night before bed!

    I have short hair, so the hair thing is moot.

    I like any type of salsa! But my favorite is from Whole Foods.

  2. My hair is ALWAYS in a ponytail for my runs…………I hate it in my face or on my neck. I put a small ponytail at the base of my neck and then a regular ponytail holding the first one in place too so there are no strands that can come loose on my neck.

    I swear by Newman’s Own pineapple salsa. It’s pretty much the only kind I buy.