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big run before our big trip!

I’m coming at you a little later than usual this morning, but I promise it’s not because I slept in. It’s because I’ve been running forever.0827150731aI wanted to knock out one last long run before we take of for Europe in a couple of hours. And luckily I have two friends and a husband who are crazy enough to help me out :) . First I met up with Lizzie for some dark and blurry miles. Blurry as in my camera was not awake and neither was my brain. 0827150548(p.s.: Mom don’t worry. I never run this early without a friend to keep me safe.)

I dropped Lizzy off around 5:30 and then covered another mile on my way to meet up with Anthony and Katie. At this point I told myself that I was starting out on a new run with fresh legs… it’s all about the mind games, people. We headed down to the air park for a change of scenery. I don’t know what I”m doing in this picture. Still not awake.0827150602They were up for doing a longer run today which meant I was in luck. I got 11 solid miles in with those two and it was wonderful to have some company to keep me going! Plus Anthony is my personal photographer so he helped capture some magical running moments for this post. BTW, Anthony is the actual brains behind this whole blogging operation. I am in charge of running and eating.0827150606bAs we circled through Shelby Park, I dropped off Anthony (mile 10 for him, mile 18 for me) and ran Katie back to her house. Thanks for the miles, Katie!0827150709a Then I had ONE more mile to cover alone — and it was an uphill one. And it was actually 1.5 miles. Blah. I just ran as hard as I could to get that last bit over and done with!

Perk of having a brand-new Garmin: I’ve broken a new “record” every day this week. Ha.0827150731Honestly, that was one of the best 20-milers I’ve ever had. I think I’ve finally nailed my pre-run nutrition/fuel after *only* six years of marathon training, so that seems to be helping during this training cycle. I also had great company today and the weather was a crisp 60-65 degrees. AND my endorphins are high because we’re about to leave for a big vacation!

But not until we have breakfast. After 20 miles I was extremely run-gry. Despite the fact that it’s August in the South, I’ve been craving hot tea after all of my runs. Anyone else in the post-run tea club? _DSC0224I had some leftover egg casserole that my mom sent home with us after my birthday weekend, as well as the last half a container of this fabulous yogurt that I’ve been obsessing over lately. Hit the spot! And our fridge is now officially empty. Whoop.dreaming_cow_cherry_yogurt_DSC0215Now I’m looking forward to 10+ hours of airport and airplane food. Can’t wait. p.p.s: to everyone who suggested new TV shows to watch the other week, thank you! We started Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and love it so far. Also downloaded Silicon Valley for the plane ride :)

See you from the other side of the pond!

14 thoughts on “big run before our big trip!

  1. Awesome job!!! Ok so training for my first marathon in October. I’ve done few 18 milers and 20 miler with only Vega sugar free and was ok but worried my 22 miler and marathon will need a little more. What did your 20 miler fuel look like? Thanks!!! BTW…have great trip!

    • Thank you! Ah. So like I said, it has taken me six years to perfect what works for ME — food/drink is a totally personal thing and I have friends who eat things that work for them and backfire for me. So, disclaimer out of the way, this is what I did today: Half a bagel w/ jam & butter and a cup of coffee 30 min before the run. One huma gel (like Gu but more “natural”) around 55 minutes (mile 7) and half of a huma gel another hour later (mile 15). Water stops when we passed fountains at mile 13 and mile 18. If it was hotter I would have taken more water. And on marathon race days I usually eat 3 gels. Good luck! Also: I would recommend against sugar-free/low-calorie “fuel.” A major reason to eat during your run is for calories. And sugar = calories.

  2. Mary, do you also need 90 minutes minimum between waking up and getting out? That 4:30 start makes me tired just looking at it. Congrats on the great run and have a fantastic trip!

    • Today I woke up at 3:50 to have a good 40 minutes before I started running. That’s pretty much my minimum time frame to eat, digest, lace up my shoes, get all my gels, etc. :) I’m tired. But it was fun! Thanks!

  3. Omg – you are insane/amazing. When you return can you do a blog post on predawn running safety tips? I have the will and reason to wake up earlier to log more miles, but I can’t seem to get over the fear of being a solo woman runner in a city that supposedly never sleeps, meaning the dreadmill wins out (sad). Safe travels!

  4. Ahhhh how did I not know you were going to Europe? Have the BEST time! Also, I love that new Garmin. Also, I’ll never know how on Earth you function at the ungodly hour of 4am. I’m usually just falling asleep by then 😉