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We made it to Europe! First stop: London._DSC0011We arrived Friday afternoon and wanted to go to bed asap — but instead, forced ourselves to stay awake! Some fresh air and sunlight helped keep us up._DSC0020_DSC0019It was surprisingly chilly and I didn’t pack a jacket like Anthony did._DSC0016
So we warmed up with beers._DSC0024After 12 hours of airport/airplane food, we were craving a real meal. We ordered about 90% of everything on the menu at an Indian restaurant and ate it all._DSC0026Surprisingly, we slept through the night and woke up rested enough for a run!0829150710bWe found a park about a mile from our hotel with romantic gates and gardens.0829150723a0829150723Our legs were tired and we were still a little jet lagged, but overall we were feeling pretty good.0829150717I had to do the typical tourist thing at least once.0829150744
Five easy miles, done!0829150749aNext we hopped on a train up to the town King’s Lynn to celebrate our friends’ wedding! Good excuse to change out of running gear and put on real clothes for the first time in three days.
Sian and Marcus were stunning!
After a lovely ceremony, we headed to this amazing estate for the reception. Any Downton Abbey fans out there?0829151536gWe mingled with guests from all over the world (Sian is British, Marcus is Australian) in the garden before heading inside for dinner, speeches, and dancing.0829151536iCongrats, Sian and Marcus!

The next morning we squeezed in a final few miles before beginning another big day of trains, planes, and automobiles. IMG_20150830_073242And that’s it for England. Next stop: Italy!

7 thoughts on “england adventures

  1. Mary and Anthony looked stunning. Bride and groom were beautiful. A lovely wedding.

    Mary you will have to buy a jacket in Italy. Obviously up at Verona or Mantova.

    Have a wonderful time in Europe.

    Blessings to you both and keep up the good times
    Love Mum and Dad down under.

  2. Love your dress! Hope you guys have a wonderful trip. I love running through cities I’m visiting :-)

  3. OK a) that blue dress is AMAZING and b) how do you navigate new cities while running? I’ve been thinking about running more when traveling but am worried I’d get lost since I don’t run with my iPhone!

    • hmm. no real strategy except to take mental snapshots at every turn! but don’t take a snapshot of a moving object. for example, once i was running in spain and noted that i should turn left at the red motorcycle on my way back. worst idea ever because obviously motorcycles can move and there are approximately 10000000000 red motocycles in spain. haha. i got sooooo lost. but anyways. just run and hope for the best. the end