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Even though yesterday’s post made it seem like all we did was eat our way through Sicily, we actually covered a lot of ground by foot, too! Sicily’s narrow, rocky streets made it difficult to get outside and run…
but luckily there was a local track that we were able to use a few times during our five-day stay in the town of Linguaglossa. One the first day we did a speed workout, and a couple days later we did a mini boot camp of sorts. Squats, jumping jacks, laps around the track, mountain climbers, and push-ups. Don’t laugh at my terrible form.IMG_20150902_111113
And then on our last day we did a plain old run. Six miles in circles with the Mt.Etna looking over us. Major mountain, mini Mary.IMG_20150905_102015Speaking of Mt.Etna — we hiked that beast. We booked an epic adventure through Etna Tracking and it was a “high point” of our trip.IMG_20150904_122747Our tour guide Dario met us and a few other hikers bright and early to head up the mountain. IMG_20150904_105722The hike was broken up into three parts and the first six miles were the toughest.IMG_20150904_105522To give you a little background: Etna is almost 11,000 feet high. We started at the 5,000 foot mark and made it up to 7,000 according to my Garmin — quite an incline! The view from the top was worth it.IMG_20150904_105909The hike was different than any hike we’ve ever done. Etna’s volcanic soil is like rocky sand — slippery, dusty, and light. When the volcano erupts, air gets trapped in the lava so the rocks are peppered with air pockets.IMG_20150904_101119Our guide Dario filled us in on so many geological details. Luckily we had some English speakers on the tour who could help translate for the American lady taking all of the photos.IMG_20150904_112919After the first few hours of hiking we took a lunch break. Dario packed a homemade picnic! Including homemade wine. Definitely necessary since we had three more hours of hiking to go :)0904151208The second part of the hike took us around a big volcanic crater. Since we were at a lower part of the mountain, the vegetation was totally different!IMG_20150904_143547After a brief break during a rain storm (the weather changes rapidly on top of a mountain, apparently), we headed out for the last part of the hike: a woodsy trail in the town of Milo the two-mile route’s main attraction: this 700-year old oak tree. The photos don’t do it justice!IMG_20150904_172147At the end of the seven-hour adventure, we’d covered nearly nine miles. Big day! If you’re ever in the Sicily area, I definitely would recommend going on a guided tour of Mt.Etna with Etna Tracking. These guys know what they’re doing and the trip was totally worth every Euro.0904151701And lastly: the pool! I am an awful swimmer but it was fun to splash around a bit. Since dinner doesn’t start until like 8 or 9 pm here, we had to take a cold swim around 7 most days to help us stay awake and rally on for another 3 hours.IMG_20150905_184947Vacation is tough :).

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  1. I would love to go on that hike, and the lunch looks delicious. I don’t think if I visited there I would be able to come back here, haha. I’m glad you are having a great trip. Have a great Tuesday.

    • haha, it’d be nice to stay, but if i did i’d have to abandon the blog. too much food to eat and not enough wifi to support all of the photos 😉

  2. I’ve really been enjoying reading (and seeing) all about your travels!! This trip looks amazing! Kind of jealous that you got to hike around a volcano!

  3. That track is crazy looking! Also impressed that the Garmin is working there. Would love to know how you packed all your workout gear for a seemingly long holiday. :)

    • good post idea! here’s the short answer: travel in summer so you can pack lots of light/small clothes. hand-wash them in the shower with you after you run :). i’ve got about 3 pairs of shorts and 5 tank tops here that i’m rotating!

    • hey bruno! thanks for reading! we’ll leave y’all a good review on tripadvisor, too. great trip. tell dario hi!