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final stops in sicily

Guten morgen from Germany! We have a layover in Munich and are enjoying the smoothest Internet connection we’ve had in weeks. Before we take off for Slovenia, let me share some final sights from Sicily!_DSC0112Including one final stop for granita and brioche :)

We took a day trip to the town of Tindari — a windy, hilly, and incredibly scenic two-hour drive from Linguaglossa, the town we were staying in._DSC0203On the way we stopped to enjoy the scenery…_DSC0212and make way for the cows! We spotted a bunch of horses, sheep, and cattle crossing the streets as we made our way through the mountains. This one was quite photogenic._DSC0221Toward the end of the drive we could see our final destination in the distance: the famous Tindari sanctuary, home of the “black Madonna.”_DSC0231We parked at the bottom of the hill and walked our way up to the church — quite a little hike! Once we got to the top we could see straight out to the sea.0903151104_Burst02The inside of the church was equally stunning._DSC0246Above the alter sits the Black Madonna statue, which is believed to have been washed ashore in the 8th century. So much history in this spot!
The architecture and art we saw at Tindari (and many other churches we visited during this trip) was breathtaking — especially when you remind yourself that it was all built by hand. The hands of men who were really short! Look how tiny these doors are.
Today, people are much taller and benefit from modern tools such as the selfie stick._DSC0248Tindari was a fun trip. Thanks to Anthony for being my local tour guide and incredible driver. Even with a solid five years of Mario Kart practice, there is no way I could have mastered the windy roads of Sicily in real life. Yeah, Peach Anthony has got it!
Other final stops in Sicily: A visit with Anthony’s extended family! We saw them a handful of times during our stay and it was nice to have a home base and help when we needed it. A second thanks to them for making their best efforts to understand my Spanglish/Ameri-talian phrases.0903152155During our last night in Sicily, Anthony Antonio and I enjoyed a final meal at a local hangout. After five busy days, it was nice to have a quiet, no-frills dinner._DSC0307All this pasta is going to pay off on race day, right? :)_DSC0309Such a wonderful stop in Sicily! Up next: Verona.