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vineyards & vinegar in verona

Before we leave Italy, how about one last bottle of wine?
Our second day in Verona kicked off with a short morning run followed by a winery visit and tasting.
Wine before lunch? No problem._DSC0387Claudio arranged a visit at Masi, one of the largest wine producers in the Verona area. Masi owns a number of vineyards, including this beautiful one in the town of Valpolicella._DSC0366We ate grapes straight from the vine — they were sweet and very seedy!
Some the the villas on the property date back to the 1400s — and the vines date back to 1600s. Seeing all of Italy’s ancient buildings and ruins on this trip  reminded me of just how young America is. I wonder what structures today will still be standing thousands of years from now? _DSC0393Anyways, back to the wine. After touring the vineyards we settled in for a tasting of three wines, including the vineyard’s signature amarone wine. Amarone, in English = “the great bitter.” Even though all of the Verona wines we tried were bitter, they still had a smoother, vanilla-y taste than the earthy wines we drank in the Mt. Etna area.
After the tasting we were fueled up for a big day in the city. First we stopped with Claudio at a lookout to plan our route through the city of Verona._DSC0397Then we headed into town for a day of touring._DSC0427Verona was beautiful. Such a mix of old and new, with visitors from around the world. How many selfie sticks can you spot in this photo?!_DSC0425Most of the old buildings’ bottom floors are now used as modern shops and restaurants — this one was my favorite :)_DSC0429We strolled and shopped for miles. Stopped for our 25th scoop of gelato along the way._DSC0441
We also passed by a deli on our way into the city, where I spent half of our grocery budget on a single bottle of balsamic vinegar of Modena. Liquid gold, you guys._DSC0405We headed back to the car just as the sun was setting around 8 pm…_DSC0457and took our tired, hungry selves to a local restaurant for one final plate of pasta!_DSC0461The next morning we said a fond farewell to Italy as we headed out for our final stop: Slovenia!

8 thoughts on “vineyards & vinegar in verona

  1. We could only see one selfie stick!

    Again the photos were great!

    A question, what was in the sauce on the pasta, it looked great?

    Safe travels

  2. Oh man, we were back in that area for three weeks last year and I ate gelato after every. single. meal. Somehow, I lost two pounds, too, which leads me to believe that everyone should live off a diet of cheese, bread, wine and gelato!

    • true! anthony and i thought that we would get so out of shape, but we actually both came back just fine. i somehow also lost two pounds. those italians and their mediterranean diet.