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back on the run, back to the bread

We’re home! The past couple weeks have been so much fun, but I have to say it’s nice to be back in our own house with our little routine back. As soon as we landed yesterday, I dumped my suitcase, put some dough in the bread maker, and went for a run. Priorities, you guys.0913151623aI wasn’t sure how I’d be feeling after 1.5 days of travel, but my legs were surprisingly okay during this run. I guess if you consider the vacation as a two-week taper, then I was ready to go! I covered 4 miles solo and then met up with Anthony for 11 more.0913151511We ran through Shelby Park and enjoyed perfect weather. Fall is coming! The best season to run :)

After I dropped off Anthony I headed out for more miles. Even though my legs felt fine, my stomach was cramping (definitely not used to afternoon running) and my head was starting to hurt (general tiredness/jetlag). I knew it was time to wrap it up.0913151644So I took it nice and slow for the last three miles, stopping to walk a few times when I needed to. Luckily I had some scenic views to keep me going.0913151709East Nashville must have missed me. Nothing says “welcome back” like a nice load of street furniture! :)0913151706I wasn’t sure whether I’d have the energy for a long run, so I took this outing mile by mile. Not my best run, but not too bad considering the conditions!0913151722When I came back home, my bread was baked. BTW, did I tell you how easy it is to make your own bread? Everyone thinks it’s this amazing feat but it’s super simple, you guys.

And it was time to get dinner going. After weeks of eating out, we’ve been looking forward to a home-cooked meal! On our way back from the airport, Anthony said that he was craving a burger in a serious way. So, that’s what we did._DSC0583He handled the grill while I prepared the toppings and sides. And the bread, of course! I didn’t have time to make proper buns so we just went with normal sliced bread and made “open-faced” burgers :)_DSC0585On the side: baked sweet potato fries and grilled asparagus/green beans. Hit the spot._DSC0589As for the rest of our half day back home, we spent most of it doing laundry and unpacking. We’ve got a mountain of folding and ironing to tackle, but since we recently climbed Mt.Etna I’m ready for the challenge :)

  • Longest vacation you’ve ever taken?
  • Morning or evening runner?
  • Stopping to walk during a run: yay or nay?

6 thoughts on “back on the run, back to the bread

  1. Nice job on getting in 19 miles with jet lag! Nothing helps you sleep better and when you want to than a good long run. Welcome back!

  2. Longest vaca is usually around 1 week Sat-Sun. I’m definitely a much better morning runner than afternoon/evening. And I’m totally supportive of walking when needed. I love intervals so I like to alternate running and walking throughout almost all my runs.

  3. Longest holiday would have to be 6 months travelling around Europe. Prefer mornings but sometimes have to run in the afternoons. Yay to walk breaks!