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Felt good to lace up the track shoes today!0915150650I did one mini speed workout during our Europe trip, but other than that one workout, my runs in Europe were nice and easy. Time to get some speed back.

On the menu: 7x800m with a one-minute standing rest between each. My distance was a bit off due to some bleachers stuck in the first three lanes… what?0915150609I was shooting for 3:10-ish for each rep and came in at 3:17, 3:11, 3:09, 3:09, 3:10, 3:10, and 3:10. Took me a few laps to find my groove, but I did it! When I wear these electric blue capris I feel extra fast. I also feel faster when I wear sunglasses — is that weird? Does anyone else feel like certain clothing/accessories  physically (or, okay, psychologically) make them faster?0915150655Speaking of accessories, I’m loving my new Garmin 220. It loads satellites so quickly AND uploads my data to my Garmin Connect account through Bluetooth. I can check out my stats right on my phone! When I had the 210 I was terrible about uploading so this is a real lifesaver. Screenshot_2015-09-15-07-51-07


And while we’re talking about efficiency — I’m back on the Cooksmarts bandwagon! After weeks of eating out, it’s been fun to get back in the kitchen again. First recipe of the week: panko-crusted fish with zucchini fritters.cooksmarts panko white fish with zucchini frittersThe fritters took a bit of work, but were a fun new way to cook veggies. I had read in reviews that some people’s fritters turned out soggy, so I threw in some sweet potato shreds and an extra egg to help hold mine together. And no, that’s not a huge glass of champagne in the picture below — that’s sparkling water! Anthony was feeling fancy and poured our La Croix into wine glasses. We are so wild.cooksmarts panko white fish with zucchini frittersThe fish came together in minutes. Topped with a roasted red pepper/corn/cilantro mix. A flavor combination I would have never thought of, but am glad I tried!cooksmarts panko white fish with zucchini frittersCatch you tomorrow!

  • Any clothing/accessories that make you feel fast?
  • What running gadgets do you use the most?
  • Tell me what’s on your menu for the week!

7 thoughts on “staying efficient

  1. Short spandex shorts make me feel fast! Mostly psychological probably, but they don’t move when soaking wet so they probably make my physically faster too. Marginally. :)

    I was using the Nike+ app on my phone but my husband just bought me the 220! So that just jumped to the top of my most-used list.

    I’m horrible at menu planning so THANK YOU for linking Cook Smarts. Will def be using that this week!

  2. Spandex shorts and my Nike Free Flyknits always make me feel speedy!

    My most-used running accessory is the Garmin Forerunner 110. An oldie but goodie.

    Menu: Trader Joe’s mushroom Parmesan flatbread with a side salad.

  3. I LOVE my Garmin 220 also. I think what makes me feel fast is if I feel good in my outfit and keeping a good posture! When I get tired I start bending at the waist and feel like a goober but when I’m running tall I feel faster :)

  4. I love my 220 and actually program it for speed workouts, even on the track, so that it gives me a four beep warning before the speed part starts and ends. You can program the rests to be by time or distance, too. Then I don’t have to think about anything else while I’m running! :)