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the talk test + a burger rampage

Sad times: It’s getting darker and darker at 6 o’clock. On the bright side (excuse the pun), the sunrises have been really pretty lately.0917150645aI met up with Katie for a stroll through East Nashville and Shelby Park. I did a lot of gabbing about our Europe trip so the miles flew by! I’m counting all that talking as an extra workout.0917150627Speaking of talking and running — now’s a good time to mention the “talk test.” I often get asked by beginner runners about how to find a comfortable pace for easy/steady runs. The answer: If you can say a few sentences easily and be able to chitchat without gasping for air, you’re at a good pace. Runners Connect says:

“Another easy way to test whether you’re running in the range of steady pace is to perform what is called the “talk test”. While running, try to speak out-loud. If you can get out a three to four short sentences, but can’t quote Shakespeare, you’re running at a steady pace. If you can only blurt out one or two sentences before you start grasping for breath, you’re running too hard.”

Also, talking helps you forget that you’ve been running for over an hour and are still half asleep because it’s 5:42 a.m.0917150649aClearly we are happy to be back in ‘Murica because we have been on a burger rampage.  We made burgers on Sunday, had leftover burgers on Monday, and then went to The Pharmacy with some friends on Tuesday. For burgers, duh._DSC0601I ordered the chickpea burger, which I think is just as good (perhaps even better?!) than this restaurant’s beef burger. But actually: I just come for the buns, beer, and tots. I think I make a pretty mean loaf of bread, but I will never be able to top The Pharmacy’s pillow-soft burger buns. How do they do it?!_DSC0603And tonight we have another special dinner planned! Talk to you about it tomorrow!

ps: to anyone who opened my post in their email browser yesterday, here’s the cardinal you missed! Sorry for the slip-up :)0916150732

  • How do you measure/”feel” your pace?
  • Locals: best burger in Nashville?
  • Running and talking: easier or harder than running in silence?

5 thoughts on “the talk test + a burger rampage

  1. I find running and talking more difficult than running in silence! I gauge my easy pace by how hard I breathe: if my breathing is relaxed and steady, I know my pace is OK.

  2. hahah. I feel like we had a conversation about talking while running the time we ran together. I think if I were to run at the pace that I can still have a conversation then I’d only be walking :) I’m still working on that though.

    I’m a pretty big fan of Pharmacy’s Mission Burger. I had the burger at the Family Wash recently and it was pretty good!!

  3. I saw the cardinal yesterday, I love birds I actually feed them they are so peaceful. I really just run for how I feel each day. I bet the chickpea burger was so good. And who does not love tots???? have a great evening

  4. I find talking easier than running in silence because it distracts me. I am training for my first marathon and keep joking that I will have NO secrets left soon!