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Happy Friday! This week absolutely flew by — I realized I never even had time to finish the final chapter of our Europe trip. Of all places for our adventure to end, we would have never guessed that we would wind up at Miguel’s Restaurant, located about 10 feet off the bustling I-85 highway in Charlotte, North Carolina.0912152100This place is a real gem.0912152059Our flight from Munich to Charlotte had to make an emergency landing in Dulles (headwinds and low fuel, apparently?) delaying us by 3.5 hours and forcing us to miss our connecting flight from Charlotte to Nashville. And forcing us to miss all other flights to Nashville for the night. So, we wound up stranded at an airport hotel with no car and four suitcases full of dirty clothes.

Such moments in life call for margs.0912152052Despite its completely disheveled appearance, Miguel’s was damn tasty. Maybe we were just craving greasy Mexican food after two weeks of European delicacies — but how can you not love a mountain of sizzling fajita meat?0912152109bThe best part about Miguel’s? No smoking in the outdoor patio (other than smoking plates of fajitas, obvi). After being smoke bombed by all of the Italian and Slovenian tobacco users who can legally light up in outdoor cafes and bars in Europe, it felt good to enjoy some fresh air. Fresh air with whiffs of gasoline and rubber from the nearby highway, that is. #romance0912152100aWhat a random night. Perfect ending to our trip! We were able to board a plane to Nashville the next morning and eventually made it home :)

While we were gone, Nashville welcomed a new restaurant! New, but old. But new again! Green Hills Grille, a dining hot spot that closed about a decade ago, is back by popular demand. We got a sneak peek of the new place.green_hills_grille_nashville_2015IMG_20150917_183249Inside, the restaurant’s got an old-school, casual look going. Lots of booths and big tables for families and groups. I can picture this being a popular place for the west side’s church brunchers or pre-game dinner spots for sports team. Maybe not the most intimate spot for a date night, but good for a party!green_hills_grille_nashville_2015_DSC0424The decor — like the menu — has a bit of Mexican flare. A lot classier than Miguel’s, though 😉green_hills_grille_nashville_2015_DSC0418
We started with the coconut-crusted chicken tender appetizer. Sweet but salty.green_hills_grille_nashville_2015_DSC0431Our pre-launch menu had a handful of dishes to choose from. We both went for salads!green_hills_grille_nashville_2015_DSC0434Anthony raved about his filet mignon taco salad, and my chopped salad hit the spot. Very fresh!green_hills_grille_nashville_2015_DSC0433Polished off with some sweet berries and a dollop of cream. green_hills_grille_nashville_2015_DSC0437Thanks for having us, Green Hills Grille! This spot officially opens on Monday, so be sure to check it out if you’re in the area.

7 thoughts on “latest dining adventures

  1. I would have lost my mind on the plane. I already dont like to fly.. Glad you made it!!! Those salads look delicious. Have a great weekend

  2. Getting stranded on the way home from a trip is the WORST. Glad you guys made the best out of it.

    P.S – Happy National Cheeseburger Day!

  3. I just love how you guys roll with it – your attitude is really inspiring. Seriously. :) Glad you made it home and got some good food while en route…sometimes the dives on the highway are the best!

    • haha, we didn’t totally roll with it. i definitely had a mini breakdown at the airport help desk. BUT once i had some chips and salsa i was a happy lady again :)

      • Ha! Well, you certainly came across as holding it together! I would have had more than a mini-breakdown…glad the chips & salsa (and…um…margarita ;>) made it better!