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short hair, long run

Hope your week is off to a bright start.0921150626I’ve been running around East Nashville a lot lately, so today I switched things up and headed downtown. Nashville is looking a little blue this morning!0921150635First run of the week: done! My legs are definitely feeling the burn of this peak training period, but whenever I start to feel tired lately I just remind myself that we are days away from taper time :)0921150628How was your weekend? Ours kicked off with a very romantic date night: couples’ haircuts at Scout’s Barbershop.  I chopped off a good couple inches and felt refreshed after! Or maybe that was just the cold beer they gave me to sip on while they snipped…
I actually didn’t drink much of my brew at Scout’s (I am a wimp when it comes to hops, and also: apparently you have to keep your head still while getting a haircut) so Anthony and I went to the Filling Station next door for a real drink after. I could see this little haircut/beer routine becoming a regular thing for us.0918151901-001The next morning I was up dark and early to take my new short hair out for a long run.0919150556I did a couple miles solo while I was waking up, and then met Anthony and Lizzie around 6 am for some more. Spotted along the way: free toaster near Porter and Benjamin Street. Get it while it’s “hot.”0919150645I dropped Lizzie off around mile 7, Anthony at mile 8, and then made a quick stop at home for some fuel! One perk of running close to home: you can swing by anytime for water, a change of clothes, or a bathroom break. 0919150648After my pit stop it was time for part II of the run. I headed out to meet Katie for more miles and just told myself that I was starting a new run on fresh legs. The sweat-soaked shirt did not help my story.0919150646We headed down to the airfield, which was beautiful as always.0919150723And then around Shelby Park — including right through parts of this 10-mile race! Running the opposite direction through a pack of people was inspiring and annoying at the same time.0919150806By the time Katie and I parted ways I only had two more miles to go. It was starting to get hot outside and I was pretty tired… but I pushed my way home and stopped right at 20.0. Bam!0919150840That run felt pretty good — especially compared to the 19-miler I struggled through the week before. Only a couple more long runs until race day. Yay!

Wow — that was a lot of running for one post. How about we balance it out with a burrito? As an official Chipotle ambassador, it’s my job to bring you the most important updates from our favorite burrito co.:chipotle-comp“Chipotle Mexican Grill and Amazon are challenging customers to write a super short “book report” about any of the “Cultivating Thought” stories currently found on Chipotle cups and bags. The catch? The book report must be 103 characters or lessThe Super Short Book Report challenges customers to not only read the newly published short stories on Chipotle’s cups and bags, but to summarize one story of their choosing. Starting today, participants can submit their “book report” for a chance to be one of 50 daily winners, randomly selected to receive an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. Entries can be submitted by visiting www.CultivatingThought.com/SuperShort.”

Good luck if you enter — and if you win, I’m going to expect at least one burrito (with extra guac) in return ;).

  • Did you do a long run this weekend? How did it go?!
  • Burrito, taco, burrito bowl, or salad?
  • How do you carry or drop off fuel for 20+ miles?

19 thoughts on “short hair, long run

  1. Great run! What’s the longest you usually go up to in training? I did my last 22-miler on Saturday and am definitely ready for the taper :)

    I’m trying to decide whether I should get on board with one of those flip belts. I usually carry a hand-held water bottle but really want to have my phone with me for the Lake Tahoe Marathon. How do you usually carry everything?!

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  2. Awesome run! Burrito bowl for me. I’ll be in Nashville around New Year’s! My bff and I got tickets to see Old Crow Medicine Show at the Ryman on NYE. (I have NO idea who they are). Good excuse to see a new state. If you’re around – let’s go for a run! :)

  3. Love the hair!! How do you keep it up when you’re running? Bobby pins galore? I’m finally gradually hitting taper town with three weeks to go until Chicago. :)

    • bobby pins galore is right! visors are also good. i’ve tried a million different headband things but they always fall off and/or give me headaches. good luck in chicago!

  4. I love the new haircut it is fun!!! I did have a great long run this weekend. I think it is because I went super early. Thanks for sharing the Chipolte deal, definitely looking into it. I love salad it is my go to for everything

  5. Great hair cut! I ran the Sydney half marathon on the weekend, not my best, not my worst. I don’t think I’ve ever run 22 miles (about 35kms?) but am training for my first marathon so I’ll get back to you once I’ve tried it.

    • good job! i would love to do a race in australia! next time we’re visiting anthony’s fam i’m going to add it to the list :)