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when i used to run a 10-minute mile + latest grocery store decisions

I’m drinking hot tea as I write this post (!). Does that mean fall is coming?!0821150553Anthony and I headed to the park this morning for a quick six miles. We were both feeling a little groggy but finally found our groove around mile three. It was really cool and foggy out there — almost time to break out the long sleeves!IMG_4811On our run we started talking about the days when we both used to run shorter distances at a much slower pace. When we first met, Anthony’s “long run” was five miles at an 8:30/9:00 pace — and when I first started running, I could barely make it through two miles at a 10:00 pace. I remember being really proud the first time I ran four entire miles without stopping to walk — pretty much just as proud as I am today for finishing a full marathon! One of my top tips for anyone looking to become a runner: start slow and make small goals. You’ll get there one step at a time. One mile can be just as special as 100 miles in my opinion.

Now that we’ve discussed the thought of the day: here’s the meal of the day. First up on the Cook Smarts menu this week: teriyaki meatballs! teriyaki_meatballs_broccolini_DSC0465I love using Cook Smarts because it forces me to try new recipes and flavor combos I typically wouldn’t choose if I was skimming through a cook book. I would have never chose a recipe like this but it turned out awesome.teriyaki_meatballs_broccolini_DSC0461The original recipe called for pork, but I changed things up because Publix had a sale on grass-fed organic ground beef over the weekend so I splurged. Side note: I read this article about beef safety in Consumer Reports yesterday and decided that we’re never buying “conventionally raised” beef ever again. Yikes._DSC0468On a lighter note (or shall I say, darker note?) I also happened to be craving a dark and stormy when we cooked this on Sunday night. In addition to hot tea, the fall season makes me want to drink ginger-spiced cocktails and pumpkin beer.teriyaki_meatballs_broccolini_DSC0460Also on the side: broccolini! Definitely more fun than regular broccoli.teriyaki_meatballs_broccolini_DSC0463And that’s all I’ve got! Time to go find a light jacket to wear to work…

  • Favorite fall food/drink?
  • What were your goals as a beginner runner?
  • What kinda beef do you buy?

14 thoughts on “when i used to run a 10-minute mile + latest grocery store decisions

  1. I have to say, Mary, reading your running story made me believe that maybe one day I wouldn’t struggle running two miles at 10 minute pace! I’m still running slow these days, but just finished a 7-miler without stopping, and I never thought that would happen. So thanks for sharing and motivating!

  2. I got some pumpkin hard cider this weekend and it was pretty delicious. It’s my favorite seasonal drink since I’m not a big PSL fan. That fogs look really pretty/creepy, I love that kind of weather!

  3. I needed that motivation today, thanks. I know how coming back from an injury is just as rewarding as the first great run. I need to get up a little earlier in the morning now that it has cooled down. have a great day

  4. I’ve been doing pretty good with my running the past couple weeks and I’ve been measuring the distance I go by houses. hah. I tell myself, tomorrow I’ll go to that house and then the next day I’ll go 10 more houses down. I’ve been doing pretty good with that :) Really easing my way in

  5. I love pumpkin candles and pumpkin bread and fresh apples in the fall!

    I have been running for several years but my speed is always around 8:30-9:30 per mile, even though I can go for 26 miles I just don’t seem to get much faster!

  6. That makes me feel a little bit better as I only started running again last week (after a three-year hiatus!) and am averaging anywhere from 7:50 to 8:20 a mile. I’ve never been a speed runner, though; always better at endurance.