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running w/ people, piling up the pasta, and searching for cinnamon rolls

Yello.0923150652It’s Wednesday and I haven’t joined the East Nasty morning run club in weeks! Today I got up a few minutes early to make it there on time. I was even able to hang with the fast guys for a few miles. Until they dropped to a 7:30 pace and left me in the dust. Ugh. Men.0923150615Anyways, it was still nice to have some (fast) company for a bit! I think that breaking up longer runs with groups of friends is crucial to staying sane during longer runs. I think the longest long run I’ve ever done completely solo was about 18 miles — but I really prefer company for anything over 8. What’s your max solo running mileage?

East Nashville was also full of wonderful breakfast smells this morning. I ran by a handful of homes that must have been full of people eating bacon and cinnamon rolls. I need to become friends with these people ASAP.0923150643After I parted ways with the group I tacked on a few more miles en route home. It’s a nice day outside.0923150616Done! Only a few more tough runs left in this training period and then I’m cruising into taper time.0923150703Also: never too soon to start carb loading for the race, right?creamy cajun pasta with chicken. cook smartsAfter our Italy adventure, Anthony and I decided that we needed more pasta and olive oil in our lives. So when I saw a Cajun chicken pasta on the Cook Smarts lineup this week, I made sure to add it to our menu!creamy cajun pasta with chicken. cook smartsThis dish was rounded out with lots of veggies. A heavy sprinkle of smoked paprika, cayenne, and red pepper flakes gave it a nice kick. Anthony cooked the chicken on the grill for some extra smoke, too!creamy cajun pasta with chicken. cook smartsWe are La Croix addicts! I’ve been liking orange, but I still think that coconut and lemon are the best.creamy cajun pasta with chicken. cook smartsOff to see if I can find a cinnamon roll. Catch you tomorrow!

  • Longest run you’ve done completely solo?
  • Favorite sparkling water flavor/brand?
  • Tell me about your run today!

8 thoughts on “running w/ people, piling up the pasta, and searching for cinnamon rolls

  1. Longest I’ve done solo is 14 miles, and that’s probably my max. I much prefer the company of my running group for the longer runs because it also helps the miles go by much faster when you are distracted by conversations.

  2. I like to run solo. I joined a group a few months ago and had the unfortunate opportunity to hear one of the ladies uttering some very hurtful words. “I just felt like they were not doing me any good” So I am done with groups for awhile. I am not a “slow” runner. I am 44 and still run about an 8-830 mile. Whatever happened to supporting one another? Anyway glad you had a great run.

    • what?! that’s crazy. i hope when i am 44 i’m just running, period. you rock. don’t let the haters get to you!

  3. In an attempt to eat (and drink) much healthier, my husband and I have gotten really into sparkling water the past month. We’re really into the La Croix grapefruit flavor!

  4. funny, I think the coconut tastes like sunscreen (and I LOVE all things coconut!). So far I’ve had the pear-peach (meh) and the mango, which is my favorite to date.

    Also, I should not have looked at this pasta before eating. Man, that looks good!!!

    • try lemon! it doesn’t sound as fancy as the others but i think it’s darn good. apparently target is rolling out special flavors that you can **only** find there, like blackberry cucumber?!