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5 things I forgot to tell you this week

Hello and happy Friday! This week was a busy one — I just realized that a bunch of random things have happened that I never even shared with you guys. Here’s a roundup of things we missed:

1. I was in US Weekly magazine! Well, my Instagram handle was, at least. That was a fun surprise. Thanks to Calia by Carrie Underwood for the shout out. I wish I looked as cute as Carrie when I ran… but let’s face it, there’s no way a hood would stick so perfectly in place on my odd-shaped, sweaty head. IMG_20150913_1223342. I ate one of Nashville’s best salads. Remember when I made a list of DC’s best salads? I think I might need to start one for Nashville. Epice’s “Epice Salad” with salmon will be #1. epice_nashville_12south_DSC04903. I have a 22-miler coming up tomorrow (bleeeerrrggghhhhhh) and this handheld water bottle from Ultimate Direction is going to come in “handy.” I actually already own one “Handy 10” water bottle but getting a fancy new one — with the sweetest hand-written note! — made my day. 0922151824a4. I made a rainbow dinner. This Cooks Smarts dish is pretty, isn’t it? cooksmarts_polenta_mushroom_raguI can’t say that this was one of my favorite recipes, but it sure looked good! Plus it was fun to try pre-cooked polenta slices. I think I prefer plain old mushy polenta, though :)cooksmarts_polenta_mushroom_ragu5. Anthony comes home today! If you’re wondering why my table looks so lonely, it’s because my dinner date/bartender/husband has been out of town all week. Excited to have him back.
Is it cocktail hour yet?

  • Prettiest meal you’ve cooked lately?
  • Handheld water bottle, water belt, or water vest?
  • Locals: The best salad in Nashville is __________.

7 thoughts on “5 things I forgot to tell you this week

  1. That shoutout is so cool! Now I’m going to have to look up those clothes, did you know they were going to mention you in the ad?

    I love how your La Croix even matches your dinner, very fancy :) Happy Friday!

  2. Do you use a bigger hand held for long runs? I cannot do another half training cycle with a belt- my hips are on strike, but need more than 10 oz to get through runs over 8 or 9 miles. Can’t always rely in the trusty mall water fountain either :(

    • nope, i just use the little one! i usually refill it at a water fountain along the way. or refill at a starbucks! i hate when they turn off the water fountains in the fall/winter.

  3. So neat about the mention in the ad! Whenever we visit Brentwood and Franklin I always look for celebs on my morning runs, but so far nothing. I bet she would have perfect form and her clothes would never hang weird or look crazy. I would look like a mad woman with a grimace on my face compared to her!!