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22 miles and steak.

Hello! How’s your weekend going? Ours started with a low-key night on Friday and a big ole run on Saturday.0926150809aI got my butt out of bed ASAP so that I could knock out the first 10 miles before I had time to even process what was happening. One of my training strategies for this season = start in the dark hours of the morning so that you wake up with the rest of the world. *I promise I only run on the well-lit streets near my house, and I always carry my phone with me! Be safe out there. And watch out for street furniture.0926150546Many of you asked about how I keep my new short hair in a ponytail. Answer: lots of bobby pins and lots of sweaty fly-aways/rat tails. It’s really attractive!0926150801bNow that our safety and fashion tips are out of the way: back to the running part! Yesterday was my last super long run before the Detroit Marathon. Running in thick humidity for three hours wasn’t great, but at least it wasn’t too hot.0926150651aPlus I had Katie and Anthony to keep me company for miles 8 through 19 — thanks, guys! Long runs are way easier when you have some good conversation to fuel you along :)0926150745aAfter I dropped Katie off, I headed out for my last four miles solo. Only friend along the way was this cat. He was very social!0926150815bFor some reason mile 19 was kind of tough — at that point I was definitely ready for the run to be over and was tired of seeing the same East Nashville streets (and HILLS) over and over and over. But — I powered through, and once I hit mile 20 I knew I could handle those last 2.0926150839All in all, it was a pretty good run. This is the first training season where my long runs have consistently been under an 8:00/average pace — does this mean I’ve got a good shot at setting a new PR on race day? I hope so!

After such an adventurous morning, I was ready for a nap! Even though I took an icy bath (not a full-on ice bath, but a cool/ice-ish bath because I’m a wimp) after my run to help out the legs, I still suffered from tingly calves which meant that I didn’t sleep very well.

But I managed to power through the rest of the day, all the way to happy hour. 0926151819aAnthony and I kicked off our anniversary celebrations with beers at The Filling Station and one of our favorite card games! Then we came home and cooked up STEAK._DSC0525Last year we went out to eat for our anniversary, but this year we decided to throw a party for two at our own kitchen table. Since Anthony was traveling all of last week for work, it was nice to have a night in! _DSC0524We even went all-out with a bleu cheese/mushroom sauce for the meat and garnishes for the taters. _DSC0528Happy two-year anniversary to us! Glad I found someone who will run 2o miles with me and then wait patiently while I stage and shoot our dinners. :)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  • Special occasions: Stay in or go out?
  • Longest training run you do before a marathon?
  • Running nerds: my track times are only the same/slightly faster than my track times last season, but my long run times are significantly faster. What will happen to me on race day?!

4 thoughts on “22 miles and steak.

  1. Whoa! I’m so impressed by a) your running, and b) your steak. I don’t eat meat, but my husband would love something like that (minus the bleu cheese; he’s intolerant ;>). Not running right now thanks to hip injury / pain (greater trochanter, from my self-diagnosis via Google…). Getting better every day and I’ve been jogging around the gym, but can’t wait to get back to running!