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rainy run + homemade naan

Good morning! I went to bed so early last night that it was difficult to wake up this morning. Does that ever happen to you? Too much sleep makes you sleepier?!

Anyways, I finally made it out there and was greeted by a dark and rainy sky. Mondays.0928150607aThe drizzle eventually faded away (phew!) and I enjoyed some easy, quite miles in the park. Lots of birds and ducks in the park lately — it’s like my own personal band!0928150618Legs were still a bit tired after Saturday’s long run, but I’m feeling pretty good. Only a handful of runs left until race day.0928150628Last night we wrapped up the weekend with a new Cook Smarts meal!greek yogurt chicken with flatbread and farro saladThe lineup: yogurt-marinated chicken, farro/tomato/parsley/cucumber salad… and homemade naan! Or something like that. I followed this naan recipe from King Arthur flour and thought mine came out okay. Not as fluffy or thin as real naan — the result was somewhere between naan and flatbread?  I don’t care what you call it: it was warm, buttery bread and therefore it was delicious. greek yogurt chicken with flatbread and farro saladThe chicken and salad were tasty, too. Very fresh with the cucumber/dill tzatziki sauce. Dill is one of the most underrated herbs out there, IMO. It’s so tangy and weird! greek yogurt chicken with flatbread and farro saladI’m hitting publish before our Internet drops out again — we’ve got some serious Comcast complications going on and a technician is *supposed* to come tomorrow. Wish us luck!

  • On a scale of 1-10, how much do you hate Comcast? (I’m at a 12)
  • Naan: plain, sesame, garlic, or onion?!
  • How many hours of sleep do you usually get per night?

10 thoughts on “rainy run + homemade naan

  1. That bread looks delicious. I am in the bread chapter of my baking book and may be trying to make a naan as well. The entire meal looks great and good job on your runs.

    • Thanks! I think I needed to stretch mine out more so that it bubbled up better. Also: brush with egg white for a nice sheen :)

  2. Comcast is the wooooorst. :(

    I try to get 7 hours of sleep per night! I can go on less, but I find I can’t get out the door for my runs if I get less than 7.

    Do you have any tips for getting out the door when it’s so dark outside? That is my biggest de-motivator in the mornings! It’s the only time to enjoy cool weather (I’m in Orlando) but I just hate being outside when it’s so dark.

    • You can buy a really bright headlamp! There’s nothing more exciting AND attractive to get you out the door :). I like getting outside a little bit during dark because then you are guaranteed to see the sunrise. Plus you avoid morning traffic. Stay safe, though!

  3. Oh yes – the too-much-sleep phenomenon is a real thing. I think it means we’re getting old (sorry!) =P — infants and cats don’t seem to have that problem.

    and YES to Dill – one of the best herbs ever.

    Congrats on making it over the longest run hump!

  4. I think my hatred of Comcast is beyond quantification at this point. They’re just The Worst. I’m thinking of switching to Verizon when I move, but I’m not sure they’re all that much better… there has to be a better option out there.

    Your meal looks great – I’m really looking forward to trying out that naan recipe!

    • capital The Worst! I can’t wait for Google Fiber to come to Nashville. We had Verizon in DC and they were pretty good!