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neighborhood bar nashville review + an extremely buggy workout

Hello! Let’s start this post with the good workout and end it with the bad one. Every training cycle has its ups and downs, right?

The good news: Last week I had the opportunity to visit Neighborhood Barre Nashville!neighborhood barre studio nashville brentwood tnThis barre studio (open since March) is located in one of Brentwood’s new developments off of Franklin Road. neighborhood barre studio nashville brentwood tnInside, Neighborhood Barre is cozy, clean, and quiet. There’s only one workout space and classes are capped at a small number of participants. To the mamas out there: NB has a little kids’  area, and child care is free! Also lots of swag and cute workout gear. neighborhood barre studio nashville brentwood tnI signed up for an evening class and was happy to see that our instructor, Kaitlyn, began teaching right on time. She took us through some kicks and stretches to get us warmed up, and then moved into a series of targeted arm and core movements. Barre workouts are made up of tiny movements with light weights — but believe me, they burn!neighborhood barre studio nashville brentwood tnAs we headed into the second part of the 60-minute class, Kaitlyn had us at the barre and on the mat — focusing a lot on legs, hips, and core strength. Just what I need before race day! :)neighborhood barre studio nashville brentwood tn
I’ve been to a handful of barre classes before and thought that this one was pretty good. I like that we spent a good long time focusing on hip and back strength (two areas I feel are often skipped over!), I liked the music (this song!), and probably most importantly — I liked the vibe of the class. A lot of barre classes I’ve been to are super serious and stuffy, and this one wasn’t. Everyone was nice and seemed to simply want to have a good time!
neighborhood barre studio nashville brentwood tn
I’m also not typically sore after barre classes. I wasn’t really expecting to be after this one, but was surprised when my chest and shoulders were a bit tight the next day! That either means that Kaitlyn knows how to sneak in a tough workout or that I’m more out of shape than I thought I was. Let’s assume the former. Embrace the shake! neighborhood barre studio nashville brentwood tnThanks for having me, Neighborhood Barre! Locals: Head to this studio and enjoy your first class for free. Neighborhood Barre Nashville: Website | Facebook | Instagram

And now for a not-so-good workout: Today’s track session. I knew I was in for a tough one when even the warm-up laps felt difficult. I think Saturday’s long run is finally sinking into my leg muscles and the humidity was REAL this morning. Look at how thick those skies are! 0929150620The goal: two two-mile reps with a two-minute standing rest between them. Sounds easy but is not. :)

I was hoping for a 6:40-6:45/mile pace, but this is what I ended up with: 6:42; 6:54; 6:49; 6:57. I seriously almost quit after the first two miles, so I’m patting myself on the back for at least finishing the workout! I could blame it on being tired after a couple tough weeks of training — but the real reason this workout sucked was because I was ATTACKED by bugs.0929150701aLittle white gnat things were drifting around like heavy snowflakes during the entire workout. It was crazy! I would say that they ate me alive, but I think in reality I must have eaten more of them. These things were absolutely everywhere — all over my face, in my hair, on my clothes, and definitely in my mouth. Grooooossssssssssss. With so much swatting and dodging and coughing I couldn’t concentrate on my pace. I tried to capture them on camera but they were so small and fast — those jerks! I did get a close-up of one on my car, though. Yum.BUGS_GALORE_2And that was my last speed session before the marathon! How weird. Can anyone identify this bug species and tell me whether eating them in mass quantities makes you a faster runner?

  • Barre: Ever done it?
  • Bug species: Can you name it?
  • Bad workouts: Ever have them?

11 thoughts on “neighborhood bar nashville review + an extremely buggy workout

  1. I’m not sure what type of bugs those are, I haven’t seen them here on the West Coast. But ew. I have eaten my fair share of bugs during runs and have come home to find them drowning in my sweat and it is the grossest, most annoying feeling. Way to finish your workout anyway! I don’t know if I would have been able to handle that.

  2. I’m taking a barre class this week in Orlando! Super excited…I’ve never been before.

    Do you ever run with Jen from JenChoosesJoy.com? Or her Brentwood Breakfast Club? They’re in the Franklin/Nashville area.

  3. I have heard nothing but good things about Barre classes, definitely on my list of things to do. I hate bugs, I am currently dodging fruit flies that keep sneaking in my house somehow. Thanks for sharing

  4. Not sure what those bugs are………..I hate gnats! I think the misquitoes have been awful the last few days here in Chattanooga. I got a bite during a run WHILE wearing repellant. It worked wonderfully all summer (I attract misquitoes like nobody’s business) but these early fall bugs are like super misquitoes or something. The bites itch-stupid buggers!

  5. According to Dr. K.D. , these little white fluffy bugs floating around middle TN, are the notorious wooly aphid. They have appeared like small snowflakes for the last few weeks in our travels through the area. Not sure if they have nutritional value or can cause any “bites/stings”, but they are hard to avoid for sure.