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first taste: homegrown taproom & marketplace in donelson

Friday!homegrown_taproom_restaurant_bar_donelson_nashville__DSC0630My weekend seems to have started a little early, thanks to the team at Homegrown Taproom & Marketplace. I was invited to this new Donelson restaurant last night for a special “farm-to-pint” dinner. With this cool weather setting in, a hearty dinner + beer sounded pretty perfect.

Homegrown is located in a shopping center. Don’t let its simple exterior fool you!homegrown_taproom_restaurant_bar_donelson_nashville_DSC0604Inside it’s warm and cozy. Full of golden light and Nashville pride!homegrown_taproom_restaurant_bar_donelson_nashville__DSC0606And full of beer. Don’t worry, we didn’t try them all. But we did try a lot of them.homegrown_taproom_restaurant_bar_donelson_nashville__DSC0623I invited my friend Allison to be my date. Girls’ night!_DSC0636And at the table beside us: Brita! Snapping the night away.__DSC0626The menu for the night was designed by Homegrown’s Chef Mike Moranski, who made each course to pair perfectly with a selection of beers from Tennessee Brew Works. Dishes included local produce from Delvin Farms and lamb from Tavalin Tails Farm. Local producers & restaurateurs, unite! homegrown_taproom_restaurant_bar_donelson_nashville__DSC0617The first dish ended up being my favorite dish of the night: an autumn tomato salad. A creamy whipped Harpeth Fleur cheese was hiding beneath the bread (which was baked with a bit of lamb fat instead of butter… yes, please).homegrown_taproom_restaurant_bar_donelson_nashville__DSC0620Raw butternut squash salad + lamb rillete. English-style pale ale on the side!homegrown_taproom_restaurant_bar_donelson_nashville__DSC0628
Gnocchi! With creamy shiitake mushrooms and more lamb.homegrown_taproom_restaurant_bar_donelson_nashville__DSC0632There was a fair amount of time between dishes, which gave us time to chit chat and savor each bite. And take photo shoots with our beers…
The Homegrown and Tennessee Brew Works teams walked us through the flavors and pairings, too! You could tell that they were excited for this event and are eager to become a new hangout for Nashvillians (and Donelson..ians?). Great group!homegrown_taproom_restaurant_bar_donelson_nashville__DSC0611Final dish: rare-cooked lamb loin with braised kale and golden potatoes. Plus a crazy whipped sweet potato concoction on the side — it tasted like dessert! This wasn’t my favorite dish of the night, but I applaud chef Moranski for living on the culinary edge.homegrown_taproom_restaurant_bar_donelson_nashville__DSC0641I was expecting a dark, porter-style beer at the end of the evening, but was pleasantly surprised when this Belgian white came out! It was light, citrus-y, and almost sour — Allison and I were both big fans. homegrown_taproom_restaurant_bar_donelson_nashville__DSC0646Smoked cinnamon biscuits with poached apples, oatmeal streusal, and a whiskey parfait. So basically: the best flavors of autumn, on a plate.homegrown_taproom_restaurant_bar_donelson_nashville__DSC0648Thanks for having us, Homegrown Taproom! This new restaurant has a handful of special events lined up for this weekend, so be sure to check them out. homegrown_taproom_restaurant_bar_donelson_nashville__DSC0607Homegrown Taproom & Marketplace: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

  • Locals: Other Donelson recommendations?
  • Lamb: Yay or nay?
  • Tell me what you’re most excited about for this weekend!

3 thoughts on “first taste: homegrown taproom & marketplace in donelson

  1. I am excited to run this 10k tomorrow. I am not a fan of lamb. I think it is so nice that you shared your experience at the restaurant. I love to see other peoples food~weird. Have a great weekend

  2. Thai with my parents tonight and seeing “Everest” in 3D (I want to feel like the snow coming towards my face!) with my friend who I went to Nepal with. Running 20 miles this weekend. Kinda excited about that. Makes MCM a bit real.

  3. I have never tried lamb………….I did try duck on our cruise last spring and it was the best thing I have ever tried!

    This weekend is working, packing clothes for a move (new apartment, 2 blocks away!) and running!