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weekend check-in

What a weekend!_DSC0657Anthony got back in town on Friday night and we caught up on the past week at The Filling Station. I had dinner prepped ready to go at home… but as we sat at the bar I suddenly had an INTENSE craving for hot chicken. Good thing that Pepperfire is right down the road!pepperfire hot chicken gallatin ave east nashville new locationI went for the famous Tender Royal “sandwich,” which is actually just fried chicken on top of a fried grill cheese. Go big or go home.pepperfire hot chicken tender royale east nashvilleBut don’t go too hot. I ordered my chicken “light mild,” which offered pleeenty of spice for my palate. And here’s that grilled cheese… you’re welcome.pepperfire_hot_chicken_east_nashville_tender_royale_DSC0673After Anthony’s and my random chicken adventure, we came home to get ready to welcome a special guest: Anne! She arrived at our place on Friday night and we were up bright and early the next morning to do what we do best: run! And take pictures.I took Anne to my favorite local running spot — dear old Shelby Park. We started at the greenway trailhead and made it to the beautiful bridge.1003150754 Unfortunately the skies were ugly and grey, but at least we didn’t get rained on. Go Anne!It was so nice to catch up with a running buddy from my DC days. The miles flew by as we chitchatted and caught up — just like old times :)1003150755Anne had to make her way to the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo downtown later in the morning, but we had a little bit of time for brunch before she left!

Of course every restaurant in East Nashville had a ridiculously long wait time, so we made cooked at home instead. Way better anyways IMO 😉1003150951The Lambkin kitchen stayed open for the rest of the day — through lunch and all the way to dinner.

My friend passed along this sausage risotto recipe the other day and Anthony and I thought it sounded perfect for a dreary, cold evening. risotto with tomato, spianch, sausage from smitten kitchenSmitten Kitchen never lets me down. How are all of her recipes so darn good, every single time? I would love to be a guest at her dinner table one day.

Anyways – we really enjoyed this meal, which actually wasn’t as labor intensive as I was thinking it would be. Just requires a strong arm for stirring :)risotto with tomato, spianch, sausage from smitten kitchenThe recipe called for a half cup of white wine. So… what is one supposed to do with the rest of the bottle? Just drink it.risotto with tomato, spianch, sausage from smitten kitchenSimple salad on the side, dressed in olive oil + my fancy balsamic vinegar. The last leaves of our dying basil plant on top! R.I.P. basil plant — you were a good friend to me this summer.risotto with tomato, spianch, sausage from smitten kitchenNot only was this my first time to ever make risotto — it was also my first time to try it out as a pre-long run dinner idea. My LAST long run was today and it went pretty well — recap coming tomorrow!

  • Favorite Smitten Kitchen recipe?
  • Your go-to pre-long run meal?
  • Was the weather terrible and gross in your town this weekend?

3 thoughts on “weekend check-in

  1. OMG!! Fried grilled cheese sounds so good. Your photos always look great. I have never made risotto but I would really like to try it. I have not heard of Smitten Kitchen. Thanks for sharing

  2. That fried chicken looks amazing! Yum! Can’t wait to eat my way through Nashville in December. :) Love seeing that picture of you and Anne together. <3