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the last long run before race day

Yesterday I knocked out my last big run before race day. Eeek! This was in my inbox when I woke up:Captureqwe

Lizzie and I headed to LP Nissan Stadium to do this route, which is one of my favorites! Even in the fog.1004150809The route plan was perfect; our pace plan was tough. I was attempting a tempo-long-tempo run and Lizzie was crazy enough to join me. Here’s the scoop on TLT runs, which were introduced to me by my old coach and described in his bookScreen Shot 2015-09-29 at 5.11.55 PM


If all those numbers at the end confused you, here’s the basic idea: 2-3 miles easy; 5-6 miles hard (with a few mini breaks); 5-6 miles easy, 2-3 miles hard. 1004150741Even during the first couple warm-up miles, we knew that this run was going to be a doozy. Once we got into our first set of tempo-pace miles, we just had to shut up and run fast. With a stop at mile 7.5 to refuel. I think mango might be my favorite Huma flavor btw. 1004150753The easy miles felt pretty awesome after our speedy ones — plus we made it to the greenway, which as a nice change from city scenery. Check out this bird!1004150830I also found this nice piece of street furniture during my last long run before the race. I’m counting it as a good luck charm.1004150842At mile 14, I knew it was time to pick up the pace. One last set of two fast miles! 1004150852My pace for those last two miles wasn’t quite as speedy as the other ones, but I gave it my best. Here’s how we ended up:

Warm-up: 8:09; 8:12; 8:04.

Tempo: 7:10; 6:59; 7:06; 7:02; 7:09; 7:15

Easy: 7:59, 7:42; 7:59; 7:56; 8:17 (big hill)

Tempo: 7:13; 7:12.

Done! We were pretty crushed by the end but it felt good to get one last tough workout in before taper time. Big thanks to Lizzie for getting out there with me! I’ve had so many good running buddies to help me get through this training cycle.1004150915Though the weekend’s rainy weather wasn’t perfect for running, the humidity levels were just right for bread-making…whole wheat homemade cinnamon raisin breadThis cinnamon-walnut-flax-raisin loaf came out nice and tall. Look at that bubble!whole wheat homemade cinnamon raisin breadI sliced the loaf when it was still a little warm and soft, so I had to cut fat pieces in order not to smash the bread. Tip: I’ve found it’s easier to slice the bread if you freeze the whole loaf first, and then thaw it a little bit before slicing so that it’s nice and firm. The problem is that I usually can’t wait that long :)whole wheat homemade cinnamon raisin breadI just polished off a piece of cinnamon raisin toast as I’m writing this. It’s going to be a good week.whole wheat homemade cinnamon raisin breadI’ll be back tomorrow morning!

  • TLT runs: Ever tried it?
  • To my fellow bread makers: What are your tips for storing/slicing?
  • Toast toppings: butter, jam, peanut butter, or something else?

5 thoughts on “the last long run before race day

  1. That is an impressive workout, just reading it and figuring it out is confusing. And that bread looks and sounds amazing.

  2. That run sounds tough!
    I like blueberry Huma best. And for toast, I like any topping! My favorites are strawberry jam & strawberry cream cheese, peanut butter, or avocado!

  3. I finally let my bread cool completely this weekend before slicing, and it was a lot neater. But did it test my patience! Your loaf looks beautiful!

  4. What a beautiful loaf of bread. I love reading your blog and looking at the pictures they are always stunning. Nashville is the place to be. Have a great day