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fast finish runs + fall flavors

It’s a beautiful day! This sunrise was perfect.1006150624I was out there to enjoy the fresh air after almost a week of drizzly skies. Also bumped into this silhouette man with an Australian accent.1006150624bAnthony and I covered about 6 miles together and then I dashed off for a fast finish. Since I gave you words of wisdom from one of my favorite training books yesterday, here’s today’s quote about fast finish (FF) runs. As race day gets closer, I’m reading this book over and over to reassure myself that I’m ready!Capture2343

Speaking of races — today it was warm enough to wear my ZOOMA tank! Use MARY15 to get 10% off your ZOOMA Nashville registration fee :)1006150634aSeven and a half miles. Done!1006150649Moving right along to this week’s menu… sandwiches!caraway_rye_bread_sandwich__DSC0737The grilled chicken and veggies on the inside were really good, but the real star of the show was the bread (duh). I tried out this caraway rye bread recipe over the weekend and it was a winner.caraway_rye_bread_sandwich__DSC0733My loaf didn’t hold its shape too well and turned out looking like an amoeba, but the flavor was just right! We cut it up into slim, rectangle-sized slices and tossed our sandwiches on our panini press to make things a little fancier. caraway_rye_bread_sandwich__DSC0735What’s that stuff on the side, atop of our lettuce?

I made the roasted root vegetable and farro salad from the Cook Smarts menu last week and it was perfect for the weekend’s dreary weather. Plus we had plenty of leftovers to mix in with other meals (like we did above). The recipe is pretty simple: roast a bunch of carrots, parsnips, acorn squash, cauliflower, onion, and chickpeas // mix with warm, cooked farro // dress with dill, lemon, and olive oil // top with feta! The feta addition was my own idea 😉 Side note: can you believe we’re in root vegetable and roast season? Is it time to bust out the pumpkin soup recipe?!roasted root veggie salad with farro -- cook smartsI know that we have a serious La Croix addiction. Heads up: twelve packs are two-for-one right now at Publix! #cantstopwontstoproasted root veggie salad with farro -- cook smartsOff for a busy Tuesday. Hope yours is good!

  • Favorite running/training book?
  • Favorite fall food?
  • Fast finish runs: ever tried them? How often do you do them?

9 thoughts on “fast finish runs + fall flavors

  1. I just started following you today for my pictures of Nashville fix! I am from Nashville and living in Memphis and love seeing it from your perspective! I also have a La Croix addiction and my favorite fall food is acorn squash with cinnamon for breakfast. I do strides at the end of a lot of my runs so I think that might count as fast finish?

  2. I tried LaCroix water and about died it was like such a shock. I have to have sugar. The sunrise photos are beautiful. Thank you for sharing

  3. I started following your blog today for my pictures of Nashville fix! I living in Memphis, but I’m from Nashville so I love seeing it through a runner’s perspective! I also have a huge La Croix addiction and my favorite fall food is acorn squash! I do strides at the end of a lot of my runs does that count as a FF?

    • oh, thanks for stopping by! acorn squash is one of my favorite of all the squashes :). i would put striders and fast finish as separate types of workouts — fast finishes aren’t intended to be as fast/sprint-like and typically last at least a full mile in length