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a very nashville blog post

Good morning, friends! Heads up: I just realized that this post is entirely about Nashville, so I hope you don’t mind the Music City madness that is about to take place.1007150644Today I had an easy run with no real route planned. I started running with absolutely zero direction and was feeling bored. So I decided to design a course around all of my favorite East Nashville murals. Starting in Five Points:east_nashville_mural_street_art_1007150639Then onto 11th street, heading toward Shelby Ave:east_nashville_mural_street_art_1007150642Down Boscobel, to the stadium, and back up Main Street…east_nashville_mural_street_art_1007150700east_nashville_mural_street_art_1007150658and one last stop on Woodland Street to see this beauty!east_nashville_mural_street_art_1007150707
What a spirited run! This was my first solo/easy run in a while, so it was nice to have little landmarks to look forward to along the way.

On my way home, I also passed by The Silly Goose — Nashvillians, did you hear that this place suddenly closed? Sad.silly_goose_east_nashville_DSC0001
I guess it was good timing for me, though — because I randomly remembered to use a Silly Goose gift card only a week or so before the restaurant shut down! In my opinion, Silly Goose did lunch way better than they did dinner. Their sandwiches were heavenly. silly_goose_east_nashville_DSC0007And their iced green tea! If only they could have given me the recipe before stripping me of this joy. I’m going to miss that.
For my (unkowingly) final meal at Silly Goose, I ordered the “T-Bone” sandwich, which was stuffed with honey ham, cheese, fennel, and a tomato-olive spread. The best part: rosemary-olive oil bread! silly_goose_east_nashville_DSC0009And that couscous. So herby and green. I’m getting a little teary-eyed just thinking about it.silly_goose_east_nashville_DSC0006R.I.P., Silly Goose. I’m glad we got to share a final meal together before you closed!

  • Locals: What do you think about the Silly Goose shut-down?! (Totally random, but I hope we get something good in the vacant space)
  • Favorite mural in Nashville? (I’m fond of the grey-and-white East Nashville one pictured above)
  • What city do you live in? On a scale of 1-10, how good is your city for running? (I’d give Nashville a 7)

9 thoughts on “a very nashville blog post

  1. Once again, I love seeing all these pictures of my hometown! I am currently in Memphis… We actually have a Silly Goose here, but I doubt they are the same. I was very surprised how great the Memphis running scene is. It could be a little dangerous in parts, but we have a greenline that goes all the way from downtown to the suburbs so you never run out of miles! I would probably give it a 6 or a 7.

  2. I live in Memphis and I would give it a 1 on a scale. It is a gloomy city. I love how great your photos look. I would love to live in Nashville. Have a great day

  3. Tony said the owner did not pay his taxes and that is why it closed. Sad. Never went there for lunch but now I wish I had. That sandwhich and cous cous looked yummy!

  4. That’s a great quirky name for a restaurant. I just moved to the Twin Cities, and I’d give it a 8 for running in the summer/fall so far (ask me again in winter!). This first week here I couldn’t believe how many people were running around Lake Harriet, no matter what time of day!

  5. Music City madness! I love it. Very cool post, I never visited the Silly Goose so I guess I don’t get the same feels from it closing though…