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smoking run + random salad

Good morning! I went for a run this morning which apparently is quite similar to smoking marijuana. Hmm.1008150615A short, fast run today — I had just enough time to squeeze in a few miles and type up this post before I go pick up my friend Meredith at the airport! She’s staying with us this weekend and we are going to take Nashville by storm. I might even stay up past 10 pm! 😮1008150632Half mile easy, four miles fast, half mile easy. Last speedier run for this training cycle! I was hoping to bring the pace down by about 10 more seconds during the fast part but just couldn’t turn my feet over quickly enough. Oh well. At least I was speedier than the little slug I almost squashed on my way home.1008150639Only about 20 miles left in my legs until race day (4-5 easy runs total) — get ready for lots of taper rambles next week :)

And now, time for dinner rambles. On the menu for last night: a new salad recipe a la Cook Smarts.cook smarts green salad with green beans, mushrooms, potatoes, tunaThe potatoes, green beans, walnuts, and dressing were served warm — which somehow made this meal kind of comfort food-ish?cook smarts green salad with green beans, mushrooms, potatoes, tunaBy the way, this week I declared it time to bring out the mini pumpkins and squashes for our table. They give our dinosaur s+p shakers an autumnal touch, don’t you think?!cook smarts green salad with green beans, mushrooms, potatoes, tunaThis salad seemed like a super random lineup of ingredients when I was making it — roasted potatoes, green beans, walnuts, and tuna — and I admit that I was quite skeptical that it would taste good. However, once we tried it, everything came together and the walnuts + potatoes seemed to mellow out the tuna. But like everything in life, we decided that it would be better with cheese. Good thing I always have a block of parm on hand.green_bean_tuna_potato_salad__DSC0764Time to go pick up Meredith! Let the weekend begin :)

  • What ingredient/topping do you always have on hand?
  • How many miles does a final taper week usually hold for you?
  • Canned tuna: yay or nay?

2 thoughts on “smoking run + random salad

  1. We usually keep feta cheese on hand to help with meals that may need something to make it feel more like a real meal. I think at this point it’s just a mental thing, but I love it on most everything. Good luck with your taper! For marathon taper I think I have maxed out at around 15-20 miles a week or an extra day just completely off.

  2. We always have eggs on hand! I say yay for canned tuna because it makes such a quick meal.
    I’m following a less-is-more approach to my marathon training this time around and after 10 miles on Saturday, I’ve only run 3 more and am allowed “20 minutes easy w/ 3 or 4 pickups” today before Chicago on Sunday — talk about taper crazy town! My brain is doing yoda mind tricks on me.