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5 favorites of late

Hello and happy Friday! It’s been a while since I’ve done a roundup of my favorite things, so I thought I’d switch it up a bit today and talk about some favorites of late. Here goes…

1. Localeur. If you rely on Yelp and TripAdvisor to guide you through a new city (or to rate your own), see what you think of Localeur. Localeur offers recommendations and rankings of things to do and places to eat — but the catch is that the recommendations are 100% from local residents (Localeur checks your location through Facebook), and only about locally owned/independent restaurants. I met with Joah, Localeur founder and a former coworker of mine, last week for coffee  (at the famous Barista Parlor) and wrote a few recommendation posts on East Nashville, hot chicken, and Nashville running for the company’s launch in Nashville. Capture87982. Tom’s toothpaste. Tom’s is the bomb. I tried this toothpaste for the first time a few months ago and love it! It tastes herby and fresh, not sweet and artificial like other toothpastes do. Plus, it’s “all natural” which I suppose is probably good for you.toms_of_maine_toothpaste_whole_care_DSC07443. Tom’s shearling paseo shoes. Sticking with the Tom’s theme — I bought my first pair of Tom’s shoes! Never too late to jump on the bandwagon. I’ve been looking for a pair of casual but not too casual sneakers, and these black (faux) leather kicks were perfect.
black leather women's toms shoes/sneakers
They also pair perfectly with my giant ice cream shirt. Should I become a fashion blogger?
black leather women's toms shoes/sneakers
4. Noosa yogurt. Or should I say “yoghurt,” in true Australian fashion? I discovered this yogurt the other day and fell in love. I’ve been a diehard Fage fan for years, and this is the ONLY yogurt that I think outperforms Fage in terms of creaminess (!!). I’ve tried the lemon and honey flavors, and they were both fantastic!noosa australian yogurt - honeyHowever, if you’re looking to cut back on price and sugar, I can say that the plain variety is really good, too. I’ve been eating it with a drizzle of honey — perfect! This “Aussie-style” yogurt is a new staple in our fridge.noosa_plain_yogurt_DSC07485. Garmin 220. Now that I’ve had this watch for more than a month, I feel like I can offer a time-tested review (no pun intended…). And I will say that it’s perfect. The 220 is 1) way prettier than the 210; 2) loads satellites waaaay faster than the 210 and 3) has a Bluetooth connection, which makes it SO easy to upload data to your phone or computer. I’ve become much more aware of my paces and mileage because this watch makes it so simple to track it all! Of all the GPS watches I’ve tried, the 220 steals the show.0824150652aWhat have you been loving lately?

6 thoughts on “5 favorites of late

  1. I love my Garmin too!!! I have the same one. The Localeur looks like a great app and it is awesome that it is a local theme. Have a great day

  2. I love your ice cream shirt ! Where did you get it? I like my Garmin 220 as well (twinsies!), but I don’t like that the pace at the moment is in increments of 5 (so 8:15 vs 8:17 pace). I’ve never had a Garmin match with the marathon route – have you? It will be a miracle if that ever happens. :)