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weekend recap: friends & fog

How was your weekend? We spent ours with a special friend!1008151953aMeredith was one of my college roommates way back when. She came to visit us all the way from the west coast! When she arrived we had a welcome dinner at Vine. I’d never eaten at this restaurant, but figured since I drive by it almost every single day it was worth a try. v the vine restaurant nashville tnThursdays are half-price burger night which made deciding what to order pretty darn easy. We got grilled brussel sprouts on the side and they were very greasy. But the burger was good!v the vine restaurant burger nashvilleFriday we road-tripped down to Winchester, TN to hang out with my family. We had grand plans for a hike on Saturday morning, but unfortunately it rained during the night and the trails were too muddy. So, we headed back to Nashville…1010151034And went to Shelby Park for some fresh air and along a paved route. Meredith and I covered a little over 3 miles while doing sprints, jogs, walks, shuffles, karaokes, and all those other drills your high school sports coaches made you do. We looked pretty darn cool.1010151731That workout made us work up a thirst! The bartender knows my and Anthony’s names now, so I guess we’re officially regulars. Is that something to be proud of?Meredith and I only see each other a couple of times a year, so we have to take as many pictures together as possible when we can._DSC0777I suppose we could have gone out on Saturday night, but a dinner at home sounded a whole lot better. With our own stash of wine!pioneer woman homemade pumpkin soup with bread recipeOn the menu: pumpkin soup. I followed The Pioneer Woman’s recipe and it was a hit. Tip: add a sprinkle of cayenne for an extra kick :) Toasted caraway bread and a simple salad on the side.pioneer woman homemade pumpkin soup with bread recipeBright lights and a sassy apron. This is what blogging is like, behind the scenes.
Thanks to Anthony for being a top-notch bartender this weekend. When Meredith and I woke up at 5 a.m the next morning to head to the airport, we felt really, really great.
I said goodbye to Meredith on Sunday morning (see you in the spring, girlfran!), chugged some coffee, and then headed out for a run. 1011150735The fog was crazy on Sunday! I’ve never seen anything like it.1011150758The goal: 45 minutes at race pace. I was curious to see how this run would go and was surprised that holding a 7:35-ish mile wasn’t too difficult. Maybe all of those track workouts paid off?1011150754Anthony was doing a longer run that morning and had headed out a few minutes before me on a different route. As fate would have it, we crossed paths in the park! He was running right below me when I crossed the bridge. Hi!1011150759One more fog photo because I just can’t stop.1011150803Done and done. I have a couple more easy runs this week and then that’s it. Race time.1011150826So, get ready for lots of taper rambles this week. :) See you tomorrow!

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  1. It is so sweet that you are such a great hostess and I absolutely love your home cooked meals. That fog is pretty thick, I would have been so nervous running in it because I have to be able to see everything around me. It is a cop thing I guess. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your easy runs.