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phantom pains + 2 of my favorite things

What’s scarier: this skeleton riding a horse-drawn carriage through the streets of East Nashville, or the fact that my marathon is only five days away?1013150632I’m not too nervous about race day, though I will admit that I have been on edge with some phantom pain the past few days. I’ve had completely random spurts of pain in my back, hamstring, and knee — that magically disappear almost as quickly as they pop up. I know it sounds insane, but phantom pain during a marathon taper is a 100% real thing. (Because marathoners are 100% crazy.) One of many articles written about the topic:



Don’t tell Anthony that I just ordered a whirlpool on Amazon…

Other than my five-minute hamstring freakout, today’s run was a goodie! Another gorgeous October sunrise:1013150627And another race pace run complete. I think I’ll do a final short/easy run this week and then call it quits until it’s time to hit the start line.1013150655On the food front, it’s been an exciting week! My brother and sister-in-law gave Anthony and me a Himalayan salt block a while back. Perfect gift because sodium and pink are two of my favorite things. pink salt block for grilling salmonAfter watching a few of these amazing YouTube videos (this guy is the best) on salt block basics, we felt ready to fire up the grill and give this unusual cooking method a try. With salmon!himalayan salt rock/block grilled salmonWe made sure to dry out the salmon a bit with some paper towel pats beforehand, and seasoned it with paprika, thyme, and pepper. On the side: Mexican-ish brown rice and a citrusy salad. Those white bits are jicama and the seeds are pepitas! Crunch.himalayan salt rock/block grilled salmonAdios!

  • Ever suffered from phantom pain?
  • Ever cooked on a salt block?
  • Ever owned a whirlpool?

6 thoughts on “phantom pains + 2 of my favorite things

  1. I haven’t ever experienced phantom pain during a taper, but have heard all about it and it’s definitely a thing! I’ve never cooked with a salt block, but this close to your marathon, that’s a great thing to be doing!

  2. I’ve never cooked with a salt block but it sounds like something I would like since salt is my favorite food. I can’t believe your race is so soon! You are going to rock it, your training has been fun to follow and your fall pictures have been so pretty lately! Good luck ignoring the phantom pains, they are super annoying.

  3. I have never cooked with Himalayan salt, I have seen it in the stores but never gave it much thought. I have phantom pains more now that I am getting older. That salmon looks delicious

  4. Yup to phantom pains. Every time. This past marathon it was my calves, quads, and tailbone. That said, I had the best race ever with a 10 min PR. May the phantom pain be your blessing, too.