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10 post-race rambles

First – thank you all for the congratulatory comments on yesterday’s race recap! It’s so nice to know that you were along for the training this summer and there to cheer me on at the end. You guys rock. Since I typed my little heart out on yesterday’s post, today’s is going to be all sorts of random. I have so many odds and ends to share with you… and can think of no better way than a good old Internet listicle. Here goes…

1. I’m really sore. Here’s me trying to step down from a 6-inch curb after the race. It was quite the challenge. 2015-10-0192. CHILI! My friend’s mom made us chili and cornbread for dinner after the race and it was heavenly. I had some pretty severe shivers for like an hour after the marathon. This warmed my soul. (p.s. I also want these plates. How cool are they?!)10181517343. Showered and back to life. After a much-needed nap, Lizzie and I joined the crew at Atwater Brewery, which is a bar located inside a beautiful old church.
4. And now for some Nashville news.. have y’all seen this new sculpture thing at the Korean Veterans Boulevard roundabout? I just learned that its name is Stix. Like? Don’t like?10161512525. Here’s a “don’t like.” I typically won’t publicly shame people on my blog, but THIS lady might deserve it. Because I saw her typing on her laptop while driving a car on Shelby Avenue.  ?!!!1013151803~2

6. I was feeling proud about my PR until I read this article. 3:17. With a stroller and baby!!!!WR234

7. Shoe update! I’ve still been loving my PureConnects after a nasty breakup with my New Balances… however, do you see that the left shoe has a slight indented toebox, whereas the other doesn’t? It doesn’t bother me, but I tweeted Brooks about it out of curiosity. They were so nice and insisted on sending me a new pair! What an awesome team. 10161506588. Latest street furniture/kitchenware find:10141507559. Speaking of kitchen, here’s one dish we cooked up recently. Crumbed chicken, roasted carrot & sweet potato slices, simple salad. Thanks to Anthony for arranging my plate so beautifully!_DSC083910. I’ve been in South Walton, Florida yesterday and today for work. Too sore to run, but I did make it out for a walk on the beach this morning :)1020150655bTell me something random!

6 thoughts on “10 post-race rambles

  1. The lady typing and driving definitely deserves the call-out and to maybe make national news!
    Have you ever worn the Brooks Pureflows? I’m wanting to hear what someone thinks about the difference between them and the Connects. I’ve worn the Flows for a couple years and I’ve had a dent in those too!

  2. I cannot believe that lady can type on a laptop and drive, that just seems uncomfortable as well as dangerous.

    Congrats on your great race!!! I hope you fully enjoy your deserved recovery, and walking down stairs again. :)

  3. We are in Nashville celebrating the Back to the Future date…………..in the second movie he travels to 10.21.15……………that’s tomorrow!