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(slowly) back on my feet

Good morning!1021150721It’s so beautiful (and flat!) here in South Walton that I can’t not go on a run. I took it niiiiiiiice and slow this morning and just enjoyed the cool (but not as frigid as Detroit) air.1021150727I read Tina’s post about not looking at your Garmin this morning, and am glad I did! My legs are still in super recovery mode and I didn’t care one bit about my slow pace :)1021150742After my miles I did some stretching in the hotel gym. Check out the cool sleeve of my race tee! Maybe it will distract you from noticing how embarrassingly inflexible I am…
After two days off, it felt good to get (slowly) back on my feet.

On the food front, I’m also getting back into my usual groove. Last week’s meals were pretty simple and carbohydrate-heavy, so now I’m excited to change it up. Caesar salad + blackened mahi mahi. So much seafood here!santa_rosa_beach_the_bay_restaurant_DSC0988This salad from Rosemary Beach’s Cowgirl Kitchen hit the spot. Chips on top for some crunch! cowgirl_kitchen_rosemary_beach_salad_DSC0873And lastly: juice! It’s no secret that your immune system takes a hit after running a marathon, so I figure I should drink up some extra vitamins. raw_and_juicy_seaside_juice_DSC0965This vibrant little drink was packed with carrots, oranges, coconut, tumeric, lemon, and ginger. Zing.raw_and_juicy_seaside_juice_DSC0970And now I’m off to enjoy my last day here! See y’all from Nashvegas tomorrow.

One thought on “(slowly) back on my feet

  1. I’m sad that your nice and slow pace is my goal pace haha. Looks like a beautiful area for a run, and those salads look delicious!