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Friday roundup: recent eats

Happy Friday! From Michigan to Florida to Tennessee –> the week has literally flown by.1019150809cHere are some snapshots of recent eats!

I didn’t follow Cook Smarts this past week since I was traveling, but here’s one of the last meals I made before I left:chicken stew with carrots & peas. biscuits baked on top!Chicken stew with biscuits! I’m only giving this dish a B, but that’s mostly my fault.chicken stew with carrots & peas. biscuits baked on top!I went a little overboard on the quantity of carrots, so the whole soup was super carrot-y in flavor. Plus I accidentally double-shredded the carrots in my (new!) food processor, so that made the carrotness even more intense. Full review on the food processor coming soon, BTW.
hamilton beach food processor
Even though I botched the stew, I nailed the biscuits! These were fun to make — you bake them on top of the stew in the oven.chicken stew with carrots & peas. biscuits baked on top!Luckily the biscuits + a generous sprinkle of parmesan cheese were able to save this meal. Next time I’ll have to read the recipe instructions and food processor manual a little more closely :)chicken stew with carrots & peas. biscuits baked on top!Up next: glorious Gulf seafood. This seafood “en brodo” (aka broth) was perfect for a cool Florida night._DSC0918And when I returned to Nashville, it was HOT! I met up with my mom for a girls’ lunch at the Turnip Truck, which is kind of like a mini Whole Foods. We sat outside in the 80-degree weather until the bright light and heat made us retreat into the shade!1022151216We splurged on these new Bhuja snacks — strange but good!
Quick break: Last night was my second volleyball match of the season! After a few months off, I joined the league again. Go team!
We played until about 8:30 pm, so when I got home I needed a quick dinner. Luckily I’d put a loaf of bread in my bread machine in the morning, and set the timer so that it’d finish baking just when I walked in the door. Sorry for the blurry photo — I guess my hands were shaking with excitement about the loaf :)_DSC1045Paired with over-easy eggs and a simple salad. By the way, has anyone else bought the organic eggs from Costco and noticed that they’re thinner than conventional eggs? Mine stuck to the pan like glue. #EggFail_DSC1049I dined single-girl style, since Anthony is out of town. (But he comes back today — hoorah!)_DSC1051And finally — another stew/soup, which I just took out of the slow cooker this morning! That’s right. I keep the kitchen going even when I’m asleep :)slow cooker kale, chicken, white bean stew/soupWhile I was at the Turnip Truck, my mom and I invented this recipe on spot while I grabbed a few groceries: red kale, two small potatoes, a poblano pepper, and an onion. When I got home I tossed it all in the slow cooker with frozen chicken breasts, garlic, and broth. Spiced with s+p, rosemary, thyme, and bay leaf. I remember someone told me lately that they like making soup because it’s “forgiving,” i.e., you can put anything in there and it tastes good. I’m putting that theory to the test with this concoction!slow cooker kale, chicken, white bean stew/soupAll packed up for lunch, with a side of shredded parmesan. I’ll report back on Instagram later today with results :)slow cooker kale, chicken, white bean stew/soupAnd… I saved the best for last! One last pretty pic from the food heaven of South Walton._DSC1040Have a sweet weekend!

  • Thin/sticky Costco eggs? Anyone?
  • Ice cream: Chocolate or vanilla?
  • What type of food processor do you have?!

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