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Hello! I feel like it’s been a while since I did the usual morning run + recent dinner combo post — let’s bring it back. Starting with this morning’s rainy run:1028150644aThe weather has been truly depressing this week. I’m trying to brighten things up with my super stylish headlamp.1028150639aAnthony and I covered four miles together, and then I tacked on two more solo. I think the old legs are pretty much back to normal after the marathon! Perfect timing, since I have a half coming up in ten days.1028150653In other news, I got my two best running buddies together for a girls’ dinner on Monday! This is how I’m able to host a dinner party on a busy evening after work:_DSC1154Bread machine and slow cooker. Set it and forget it, baby. And voila!_DSC1156I made a simple split pea soup and a loaf of gluten-free bread. I’d never tried gluten-free bread in the bread machine, but Bob’s Red Mill’s GF mix made it easy peasy. Speaking of peas, I’d also never made split pea soup before (I know, who am I?).

Pretty daring to try two brand-new dishes for a dinner party but what can I say… I live on the culinary edge. _DSC1158Rounded out with a bottle of vino (thanks, Lizzie!) and yummy salad (thanks, Katie!). This meal was great but sitting down together and recapping our race stories was even better. _DSC1157Off to do the work thing. Does anyone have any rain boot recommendations? I think I need a pair.

  • How often do you try new recipes? (I can’t seem to make anything but new recipes, ha)
  • What’s your favorite kitchen appliance? (Mine is probably my slow cooker)
  • Rain boot recs: go!

6 thoughts on “back to the usual blog post

  1. I really need a headlamp! Maybe I should get one of those very very soon.

    I have hunter rain boots and love them. Also great for snow, especially when you add the fleece socks!!

    My favorite kitchen appliance is the coffee maker :)

    • you should! i’ve got the black diamond spot headlamp, which seems to get the best reviews. i’ve had it for a year and like it. recommend wearing it with a visor or hat, though. http://amzn.to/1LZId1x best $30 you’ll spend!

  2. I probably make at least one new recipe per week. It’s fun experimenting. Totally brave of you to try two at once with guests!

    My pick of kitchen device is still my stand mixer.