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the man behind the blog: day in the life of Anthony

Hi friends! Today we have a real treat on the blog: a guest post from Anthony! Ever wonder what the mysterious man behind the blog is up to? Here’s a typical day in Anthony’s life, in his own words:

When my wife (talent and chief protagonist of this blog) asked me to write a post, I could have recounted the story about my integral role in the genesis of her blog back in 2012 or I could have described how I imparted on her all of my photography wisdom (and subsequently a camera that was permanently borrowed and never returned). Then I realized, in keeping with the theme of MPM, I’ll skip the important stuff and get right to what readers want. A good ‘day in the life’ post.Photo A14:45AM: Since I started dating Mary (over 5 years ago now), the time I typically wake up has become earlier by about 30 minutes, on average, per year (I primarily blame on Mary’s marathon training, blogging and loud typing). I am now a self-proclaimed ‘morning person’ which is largely assisted by dark roast coffee and an espresso machine.PhotoA5AM: I’ve begun to treasure the quietness of early mornings which allow me to catch up on news, emails and admin. Change of monetary policy in China? Downward pressure on the price of crude oil in response to Iran nuclear negotiations? Kanye West walking into a pole? It all happens in the wee hours of morning for me.

6AM: I’ve had different approaches to working out throughout the years. Afternoons while in school, late mornings while in college and late evenings when I started working full time. Nothing beats working out in the morning though. These days I never know how I’ll feel after work, but I’m always (mostly) mentally ready for the gym in the AM.

My usual routine consists of a crossfit-ish stretching + strength + WOD routine. Remember how I quit crossfit? Well it turns out that three years later, I’m still benefiting from improved technique without the hefty price tag. Today’s workout consisted of:

  • Warm up + stretching
  • Strength: 5 X 5 back squats, 5 X 5 dumbbell chest press, 5 X 5 hang power cleans
  • WOD:  3 rounds of 10 X kettlebell swings, 10 X TRX band push-up w/tuck, 10 X weighted overhead lunges

Fun fact: Mary never set foot in a gym when we first met. Now she is a regular gym buddy and is a total cross-training convert. My running advice? Run less, lunge more.

Here is some gym gear I recommend that are all part of my tool kit from left to right: Massaging roller, stretching band, lacrosse ball (also for massaging/stretching), chalk, gloves,  high-speed jump rope and lifting belt.photo C17:30AM: I’m off to work briskly at 7:30, but not before I get handed my packed lunch. I never really understand where these lunches come from. They just appear on the kitchen counter randomly just before I’m out the door. I guess we’ll never know (:p)
Work commutes often involve NPR, a BBC podcast or some trashy 90s jams. I don’t really know what other music to listen to but am open to recommendations (as long as they are not too much past the early 00s).

While my music tastes may be dated, I swear I am all about the future. In fact my job in the auto industry is all about future technology. When I get to work, I do what many people may think is crazy; I plug in my car. Yes it’s 100% electric, meaning no gas and no stops to the gas station. I can plug it in at home or at work or both and never have to worry about the effects of oil prices from Iran nuclear negotiations (allowing more time for celebrity news).Photo ENoon: My appetite gets the best of me well before lunch so I often snack on a mix of nuts, dried fruit and if I’m lucky enough, I sometimes find a hidden piece of dark chocolate (thank you lunch fairy). I made my own protein bars for the longest time but we’ve decided trail mix is a healthier and easier option as it avoids the sugar and cooking time needed in making bars.Photo HLunch usually consists of rabbit food, but I don’t complain as somehow my lunch chef (OK I admit, Mary makes my lunches) makes salad taste good. My favorite salad items she uses include: avocado, parmesan, yogurt dressing, olive oil and REAL balsamic vinegar. #saladqueen.Photo GIf I’m not in the office, I’m usually on the road. A large part of my job is planning and developing fast charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Think of a gas station pump that instead of filling your car with a smelly and highly flammable liquid fuel, it very quickly fills your car’s battery with electrons. Welcome to the future.
photo I
4PM: As much as I love technology, I still have a soft spot for vintage cars. As part of a recent team building exercise, we went to the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville. I had no idea this place existed, but guarantee it is a fun place to visit, even for those who aren’t necessarily into classic cars. My favorite? The Fiat 124 spider. You’re lucky if it ever ran, but when it did, it was a fantastic vehicle.  

Photo J
7PM: When I get home from work, Mary is typically cooking up a storm in the kitchen (if she hasn’t already prepped it the Sunday night before). Sometimes I try and even the playing field by cooking myself. Here is a recent concoction that I largely freestyled while trying to recreate a dish we recently ate on vacation in Naples.photo K
Don’t forget to pair with wine.
Fun fact: This wine comes from a small town close to where my grandparents were born in Sicily and was recently featured during our vacation adventures.0903151104_Burst02 The grape of the wine ‘nerello mascalese’ has a smoky and fruity taste that picks up the mineral and ash flavors from the volcanic rock where it is grown. Or as Mary would otherwise say, it tastes like dirt.

8PM: The day is usually ends with some tea, dark chocolate and a comedy on the couch. Parks and Rec, Silicon Valley, Community, Brooklyn 99 and Modern Family are regulars for us. Whatever we watch, it has to be light, funny and SHORT because by 9PM we’re exhausted and to do this day again, it requires lots of sleep.photo m
Before I break the internet, I better stop here and leave the blogging to the professional.

  • Dark or light roast coffee?
  • Best time to work out during the day?
  • Do you have any go-to gym equipment or gear?
  • Favorite 90s song?
  • Do you buy wine regularly from a specific wine region or country?


13 thoughts on “the man behind the blog: day in the life of Anthony

  1. Great morning read Anthony.

    Dark roast, morning (followed by a sausage biscuit from Hardy’s), sweat towel, I Been Working on the Railroad (’94) or When the Saints Come Marching In (’96) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaqokusDbbs , YES regularly buy wine from the Costco region in Alabama (about to change in 2016 when TN allows wine sales in big boxes).

  2. You might also try these great 30 minute comedies: The Goldbergs and The Grinder! Very funny, especially based on your current comedy shows.

  3. I still chuckle at how I met Anthony before I met YOU. I just recognized him when he was at Whole Foods one day. Haha! Fun read – you should do a vlog! I want to see you and hear his Australian accent mate! Fave 90’s song…I was deep in love with all the boy bands. What a great decade for rap, grunge, pop. Fave song is “Bye, bye, bye” but I think that was in 2000.

  4. I love the smell of coffee but I don’t really like the taste………my husband drinks it black, and prefers a medium or light roast.

    I am a country music fan and have been my whole life (I grew up around the radio stations bc my dad was a DJ!) so anything I recommend would be 80’s or 90’s country. Think Dolly Parton, Alabama, Brooks and Dunn, Garth Brooks, Randy Travis, George Strait. Or even newer stuff like Keith Urban. Prob not up your alley!

  5. Favorite 90’s song was anything played in the basement of St Ex on a Saturday night as was yours Anthony if I recall!

  6. Tea, Earl Grey, hot.

    Working out happens is great when it is done early, but often happens later. Zombie by the Cranberries. Wine- primarily merlots, cabs, and zins from California, often Mendocino Valley.