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weekly snapshots + LongHorn Steakhouse giftcard giveaway!

This week has flown by again, and here I am with all sorts of random snapshots that I haven’t shared with you! Here’s a little “slice of life” for your Friday. And a slice of pizza. Special lunch at work yesterday!1029151220cAnother special meal of the week: A blogger dinner at LongHorn Steakhouse in Madison.longhorn_steakhouse_madison_nashville_tn_DSC1160 I don’t think I’ve been to a LongHorn in about seven years. A lot has changed!longhorn_steakhouse_madison_nashville_tn__DSC1164Yeehaw.longhorn_steakhouse_madison_nashville_tn__DSC1165The LongHorn team was spectacular, and let us try pretty much everything on the menu. The portions were enormous, but that’s kind of what makes Longhorn what it is, right?longhorn_steakhouse_madison_nashville_tn__DSC1185Anthony came along, too — his favorite app were these jalepeno poppers! I think there was both bacon and cheese inside. #noregretslonghorn_steakhouse_madison_nashville_tn__DSC1194I did enjoy a really fresh salad to start — and glancing at the menu, there are a few other healthier options to choose from.longhorn_steakhouse_madison_nashville_tn__DSC1196I had a blast meeting some new-to-me Nashville-area bloggers — Alisha, Jamie, and Toye — and learning a lot about meat! The LongHorn crew is full of steak wisdom.longhorn_steakhouse_madison_nashville_tn__DSC1189Speaking of steak… here it is! Seasonal mushrooms on top. longhorn_steakhouse_madison_nashville_tn__DSC1199And dessert. About THAT.longhorn_steakhouse_madison_nashville_tn__DSC1222This might be one of the most Instagrammed brownies in all of Tennessee.longhorn_steakhouse_madison_nashville_tn__DSC1220Want your own steak-and-ice cream dinner?! Let me know by sharing something spooky, random, or steak-related in the comments. I’ll be giving a $25 LongHorn gift card to one lucky (US-based) reader…

Speaking of lucky, look at the recent street furniture GEMS I’ve run by!1029150747I think I showed you this couch about a month ago, but wanted to give an update. It’s still there.1029150734Lovely fall trees:1029150733SPOOKY fall houses! This home is the craziest one I’ve seen yet.1029150722And: here’s my pumpkin! My arm is sore from all that sawing, but I think it came out pretty nice.
Don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance at that gift card. See you over the weekend!

  • Tell me something random!
  • Tell me something spooky!
  • Tell me something about steak! :)

* All the delicious food and the gift card in this post is sponsored by LongHorn :)

29 thoughts on “weekly snapshots + LongHorn Steakhouse giftcard giveaway!

  1. Steak and Random: I don’t care for red meat that much but I had a steak at Calhoun’s many, many (like 25 or more) years ago that I think about. It was tender and delicious. To this day I haven’t had a steak that spectacular.

  2. I enjoyed yesterday’s post on your husband’s day. It was fun to see his side of things. And congrats again on your marathon! I hope your run this weekend goes well.

    Would love the gift card – I would try the appetizer and dessert – ha!

  3. I have a secret…I hate steak! But I would love to take my boyfriend there as he would love it, and I could just eat dessert :)

    Congrats on your past marathon, looks like it was a blast! I will be running the Dallas Marathon in December, hoping to BQ!

  4. I absolutely adore t-bone steak! I haven’t been to Longhorn Steakhouse in a while…they just opened one near us so it would be great to go!

  5. random:I dressed up like Carl from Caddyshack today at work. I will do it again tomorrow, too!
    spooky:I saw a ghost in the theatre of my college in Idaho. No joke. I saw someone sitting in a chair in a white dress and I had personally just made sure the entire audience was empty. Scared me badly.
    steak:I love it………well done with some sweet potato fries on the side!

  6. Random: I carved my first pumpkin around the age of 25. My mom is a nurse and was probably paranoid about giving me a knife as a kid. 😉

  7. I have been looking at sous-vide steaks lately and am intrigued. Have you ever used a home sous-vide machine? Thanks for the great giveaway!

    I just started reading your blog and I really enjoy it!

  8. That brownie looks divine! And something spooky: my 3 daughters (10,8, & 8)are trying to convince my son (4) that our house is haunted. He isn’t buying it!

  9. I only tried steak recently and now I’m obsessed and making up for lost time! I’ve never been to Longhorn – I’d love to try it!

  10. i am having steak for dinner tonight!! would love to go out on a date night to Longhorn steakhouse with my husband.. my steak doesnt ever compare.

  11. I hope I’m not too late for a chance to win! I always save your blog for a break at work, but was out yesterday recovering from the New York Marathon. Anyway, I’m feeling pretty tired today so maybe my iron levels are low…. just to be safe I should probably have a steak! :)

  12. Steak & Random: I was raised eating fresh meat from my grandparents farm, and I thought it was normal to have fresh meat every night until I went to college :)

  13. Random but steak related…I love, love, love Longhorn because I love their wild west shrimp and their bacon macaroni and cheese. I am drooling just thinking about it!