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It was a gloomy weekend weather-wise, but East Nashville was still hoppin’ with Halloween fun. Do you think this house went a little overboard on the decorations?
On Saturday Anthony and I covered a very average ten miles. Not too fast but not too slow. Not too hilly but not too flat. Not sunny but not raining. The whole run was just kind of “meh.”11021507061031150809But, a meh run is better than no run! Now that my marathon is over, I dabbled in some new cross-training workouts last week (more on that later!) and was embarrassingly sore. Turns out that my body is not used to doing anything other than running forward in a straight line. 1031150829aSaturday night we met up with my family for soup + spookiness. My youngest nephew was not impressed! 😉_DSC1296My mom made a bunch of soup for everyone and I brought the BREAD! Simple white loaf with a bit of whole wheat thrown in, too._DSC1290All together. PS, my sister has my grandma’s old Corelle plates — how cool are they?!_DSC1292On Sunday we woke up to more grey skies, but decided to get out there anyways. Long Hunter State Park is a short drive from our house — a perfect little escape!
We hiked at a brisk pace, hoping to beat our record from last time1101150910Though we did stop to admire the awesome fall-ness of the trees. And to take a couple selfies.1101150911a3.7 miles in 1:15:00. Fun little workout!

After some church-going and chore-doing, we closed out the weekend with dinner and friends._DSC0023To start, we snacked on hummus — made from dried chickpeas that I’d cooked and pulsed! I’m really into the dried beans these days — so much cheaper and tastier than canned ones. You just have to think eight hours ahead in order to make sure they’re done on time 😉_DSC0017The main event: risotto! This Smitten Kitchen recipe has become a favorite. Roasted veggies brought by Kristen on the side – yum._DSC0021With all of the dreary weather and fall-ness this weekend, I couldn’t stop myself from making pumpkin pie. This Jamie Oliver recipe was amazing, by the way. I took a shortcut by buying a pre-made (gluten-free) crust, but the filling was worth the work. Love how Jamie categorizes this recipe as “showing off” in terms of difficulty. #bringiton_DSC0025Lastly – as noted on Instagram – this is what I was listening to over the weekend. Too soon?IMG_20151101_141244Have a very merry Monday!

  • Did you inherent any items from your granparents?
  • Too soon for Christmas music?
  • What did your run(s) look like this weekend?!

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  1. I have my grandmother’s silverware set that she collected over the years! It was so sweet of her to give them to us.

    Usually I am not ready to hear any Christmas music until like the week of, but this year I’m actually open to it! I’m craving some Trans Siberian Orchestra. Though it feels weird to listen to Christmas music in Florida when it’s still 80 degrees in November.

    I took a week off after running 2 half marathons in a month, so my runs this weekend weren’t very pretty, but at least I got them done. :)

  2. I didn’t run AT ALL this weekend. It was kind of incredible. I ran an impromptu half on Friday and my body just felt tired and achy so I swam laps on Saturday and Sunday.

    Not too soon at all for Christmas things! I watched holiday movies on the Hallmark channel last night. No shame. Bring it on.

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  3. We have the same Corelle plates, both in that green and a set with gray flowers. Definitely not too early for Christmas music, I told my husband this weekend that I’m decorating early this year! Everything is just so pretty at Christmas!