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iron tribe fitness nashville review

Remember how I mentioned how sore I was in yesterday’s post? This is why:irontribe_fitness_nashville_belmont_review_DSC1249Last week I was invited to check out Iron Tribe Fitness, a fitness movement with studios across the Southeast (plus a few elsewhere!).irontribe_fitness_nashville_belmont_review_DSC1262The Iron Tribe approach to every workout is the same: warm-up, workout of the day, cool-down. However, the movements included in each one of those sections changes daily. So: kind of like functional training minus the heavy lifting.

I arrived just before the 6 am class started and was pleased to see that class started right on time! Our instructor, Austin, led the group through some shoulder mobility movements with PVC pipes. Then we got our heart rates up with some rowing and burpees. There I go!1029150634Then it was time for the WOD. On the menu:

  • 3 minutes of rowing
  • 2 minutes of burpees to box jumps
  • 1 minute of ring rows – ring dips (30 seconds each)
  • 2 minutes rest
  • Repeat 3 times

irontribe_fitness_nashville_belmont_review_DSC1252The workout was short but intense. I haven’t done box jumps in waaaay too long, and haven’t touched hanging rings since my last gymnastics class in 1999. So, that was fun :) Thanks to the class’s co-coach Renee for walking me through some of those newer movements — those ring dips were rough at first!

After we finished each set, we wrote down our final count on little whiteboards (don’t look at my embarrassingly low numbers…). Then we reported our totals to Austin, who I think tracks them in a system. So, members can measure their individual progress over time which is cool.irontribe_fitness_nashville_belmont_review_DSC1250Lastly, Renee took us through some foam roller stretches for about five minutes at the end of class. A lot of fitness classes I’ve been to skip over the stretching or run the clock to fit that portion of the class in — I really appreciate that these folks kept everything right on schedule!irontribe_fitness_nashville_belmont_review_DSC1255And that was it! We put up our gear at 6:44 — and saved a minute of class to give each other high fives and do a team cheer, which was a bit cheesy but kind of cool. Go team!

I was surprisingly sweaty after the short workout. And surprisingly sore in the shoulders/back/abs the next day! I guess my three minutes on the rings really paid off. (ps – rocking my Localeur tank!)
Overall, I was impressed with Iron Tribe and would recommend it to people in the Belmont area looking for a short, structured, full-body workout. Note that the studio also has a “101” program for those new to this style of workout. This studio will get you in and out quickly, and keep you guessing about what new exercises are coming next! Here are my final scores:

Iron Tribe Fitness Belmont
Location  Belmont
Class times  5:15 am – 7 pm
Class days  Monday-Saturday
Locker rooms | showers  No & Yes
Price  $16-$18per class (with an 8-12 month membership)
Class duration  45 minutes
Music  Yes! Fun
Vibe  Fun, structured,  welcoming
Class I tried  Thursday 6 am
Difficulty  7
Calories burned  265 (during a 45-minute workout)
Cardio-focused  7
Weights-focused  5
Motivating  7
Fun  8
  • Do you belong to a studio? Which one?
  • Last time you were really sore?
  • What new exercise have you tried lately?

4 thoughts on “iron tribe fitness nashville review

  1. Have you tried solidcore in DC yet?! You have to try it next time you’re here. Toughest workout I’ve ever had. I could hardly walk the next day!

  2. My aerial class always makes time for high-fives at the end of class and it’s surprisingly fun. At first I thought it was totally cheeseball, but I look forward to it now especially after we all put in work.