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Before the week comes to a close, here’s a bit of this and that from the past five days!1105150725This: awesome collection of street furniture I’ve found on my runs this week. The start and end of each month always seem to be the best time to spot sofas etc. on the street.11051507191102150638-0011102150645-001That: time we stayed up past 10 pm on a weeknight! Anthony and I saw Eisley — one of my favorite bands from my high school days — last night at Cannery Ballroom. They rocked!11051519541105152101aThis: post about “the pumpkin spice lifestyle.” Is it supposed to be funny? Or like, for real? I’m usually a fan of Style Blueprint but this is just weird. weird_pumpkin_spice_photoshootThat: lovely feeling you get when you dance like a ballerina. Thanks to Xtend Barre in Franklin for testing my balance! (Full recap coming next week)_DSC0064This: very romantic date night at Chik Fila. Waffle fries are the way to my heart.1104151820That: time I dropped a container of rice from the top shelf of my “very organized” pantry…1104150656
This: race I’m running this weekend!
See you after the finish line!

  • Share some of your this and that?
  • Latest kitchen fail?
  • Favorite band from high school?

2 thoughts on “this and that

  1. Spilled rice … WORST! Such a pain to clean up.

    My worst/recent kitchen fail is when I knocked a glass container (full of trail mix) on the floor and it shattered everywhere and I lost all my almonds. I was already running late to a meeting … Which made the situation even more horrible.

    Good luck this weekend!