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ZOOMA Nashville race recap

Yesterday I ran the Zooma Women’s half marathon in Nashville! Here’s a quick recap:

On Saturday, I breezed through the expo to pick up my bib. It’s nice running local races — logistics were so easy!
Saturday night I probably should have had simple pasta and Gatorade. But I had a giant cheeseburger instead. #noregrets_DSC0108I did meet up with Meaghan — aka The Fit Crasher — for a nutritious snack, though! She was visiting from NYC and it was so wonderful to catch up! Hope you liked Nashville, Meaghan!
Okay, back to the race. After weeks of gloomy weather, Sunday was gorgeous! Juuuust warm enough for a tank top. 1108150748I didn’t really have any goals for this race — since I just ran a full marathon a few weeks ago, I wasn’t sure whether my legs were ready to run fast again. Plus, I knew that the ZOOMA route was going to be hilly — so my chances of beating my current half marathon PR (1:29) were pretty much zero. Lastly, I hadn’t run more than 10 miles or done any track work since the marathon.

So yeah. I just went out there to see what would happen. zooma_womens_half_marathon_nashville_1108150752At exactly 8:00 am, we were off! And running uphill within the first mile :0

After winding up Rosa Parks Boulevard we got to run down Broadway Street, though. That was pretty cool. zooma_half_marathon_nashville1108150807dMy first few miles were in the 7:10-7:15 range, which I thought was alright considering the elevation. Oh, the pedestrian bridge! The incline was tough but the WIND was worse. 20 mph gusts!zooma_womens_half_marathon_nashville_1108150810After we made it out of the city, we ran quite a bit through Shelby Park.  I run here regularly so it was kind of fun to race through my usual stomping grounds. zooma_womens_half_marathon_nashville_1108150828bAt the same time, though, I couldn’t help but feel like I was out for any old weekend run. Especially during the parts of the route without spectators! These parts were a little lonely, but the double-back portion of the route where I got to run by other ladies coming the opposite direction was kind of inspiring.zooma_womens_half_marathon_nashville_1108150854aI did have a cheerleader at miles 5 and 9! Anthony came down to remind me to run faster, collect my gloves, and go straight ;). If you listen closely, you can hear me say “that’s okay,” when he tells me that I’m falling behind. Ha!

Despite Anthony’s encouragement, I couldn’t pick it up. And Iwas actually pretty okay with that. I could feel myself start to drag around mile 5 and decided to stop looking at my watch and run for fun instead.IMG_20151108_083155-001The last half of the race was similar to the first (the course had a few loops and turns, but was pretty much an out and back) with one last uphill climb at the end. Woodland St. bridge is no joke! Blergh.1108150928Luckily the last quarter mile was downhill/flat — and I had my family there to cheer me toward the finish line!zooma_womens_half_marathon_nashville_1108150940aFinish time: 1:40:47 (7:42 pace). Not my greatest race, but not too bad given the course and my current fitness level. 5th place for women and 3rd in my age group.

After the race, ZOOMA had lots of fun, food, and entertainment waiting for all of us. Bicentennial Park is a great start/stop point for a race — so much space to hang out, and lots of parking, too!zooma_womens_half_marathon_nashville_1108151118Overall I’d give ZOOMA an A. Logistics were a breeze, the route was laid out well, and there actually could have been a lot more hills if the route had been designed differently. I’d love to see more runners and spectators come next year — hopefully I’ll be one of them!

  • Have you ever done a ZOOMA race or an all-women’s race?
  • Do you ever run for “fun” at a race?
  • Which is worse: wind or hills?

4 thoughts on “ZOOMA Nashville race recap

  1. Looks like a very pretty and fun course! I ran an 18-mile trail race strictly for fun yesterday and it was awesome. I drank 3 glasses of wine the night before and had zero nerves going into it. Sometimes that’s just the way to go!

  2. I think wind is worse – hills have an end in sight, wind could go on forever! You look happy in all of your race pics, great job!