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my new least favorite number + moroccan chicken for days

Good morning! Those clouds look heavenly, right?1110150636Anthony and I were so happy to have some clear skies and fresh air this morning. We headed down to the park for an easy jog.1110150647i After what should have been an easy yoga session over the weekend, we’re both embarrassingly sore and a little slow today. Maybe that’s a sign I need to stretch more?! PS, if you’re into at-home yoga, you should try the video I linked to. Simply because of its name.

Anyways: a little over five miles done! I really prefer to end on .00, .25, or .5 and will have to live with this odd finish time for the rest of my life. 5.36 is my new least favorite number. 1110150705Moving right along to dinner: another slow cooker win from Cook Smarts. Side note: I’m not sponsored by Cook Smarts or anything. I just love gabbing about them.slow cooker moroccan chicken with couscousThis Moroccan chicken dish had some unusual but tasty flavors: tomatoes, spicy chiles, sweet dried apricots, and herby cilantro. Buttery pearl cous cous on the side. Second side not: I’m also not sponsored by La Croix but given all of the free product placement I do for them, don’t you think I should be? #dreamjobslow cooker moroccan chicken with couscousThe only bad thing about this meal: we had leftovers for daaaaaays. I think I ate this dish about five times in three days, and there’s only so much Moroccan chicken a girl can eat. I finally surrendered on Monday and stuck the rest in the freezer for another time! slow cooker moroccan chicken with couscousOther news from the week: We finally finished watching Bloodline. To all of my Netflix peeps: cancel all of your plans tonight and watch season 1. See if you can stop!

  • Favorite Netflix/Hulu original show?
  • Do you have to stop your run at quarter-mile increments?
  • Yoga at home: yay or nay?

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