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this week’s eats: introducing the man menu

To all of my married ladies/ladies living with their BFs: Who does the meal planning in your household? You or your significant other? Or is it a team effort?spring rolls and tom kha gai soup dinnerAnthony and I do a bit of both, but most of the time I’m in charge of the menu + cooking, especially on weeknights. He has a longer commute time to and from work (meaning that I have more time at home) and it’s just easier to have one cook in charge of the kitchen! I typically spend an hour or so on Saturdays planning our meals for the week and grocery shopping; on Sunday, I spend a few more hours prepping and chopping ahead of time so that the weeknight dinners are ready to go. cooks_illustrated_peruvian_chicken_garlic_limeBut this week we changed things up! After serving up tofu lettuce wraps last week, I let Anthony take over our menu this time :) Introducing the man menu!_DSC0020Anthony’s first pick of the week: Peruvian grilled chicken! He marinated the chicken in a bunch of spices and blackened it on the grill. On the side: Spanish rice and steamed broccoli. blackened_chicken_spanish_rice_DSC0116Charred!blackened_chicken_spanish_rice_DSC0118 - CopyUp next: Fish and chips! We breaded and pan-fried the fish on the stove. Our “chips” were a mix of baked white sweet potatoes, baked orange sweet potatoes, and carrots.fish_and_sweet_potato_chips_baked__DSC0130Served with a generous drizzle of ketchup! fish_and_sweet_potato_chips_baked__DSC0125fish_and_sweet_potato_chips_baked__DSC0127Last on the man menu: Steak. And more sweet potatoes! Those white ones are good. You should try one. steak_white_sweet_potato_DSC0137Pretty fancy for a weeknight, right? I’d already prepped the brussel sprouts on Sunday and baked them along with the sweet potatoes yesterday morning (because I am insane), so really all we had to do last night was toss the steaks on the grill for about 20 minutes. Dinner, done! steak_white_sweet_potato_DSC0132What do you think of Anthony’s picks? I’m giving him an B+ because everything was delicious — but taking off a few points because some of his choices weren’t the best for packed lunches the next day 😉 . Tell me about your man and meal planning in the comments section!

One thought on “this week’s eats: introducing the man menu

  1. I would give him an “A” for originality! My boy friend is somewhat long-distance so the main man I cook for is my brother-in-law.When I ask him for input into the menu, he says things like chips and salsa and cereal.. not the most creative.