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my fitness apparel wish list

Yesterday’s run was one of the first ones that actually felt like fall. Or even… winter?!1111150545 The air was crisp and long sleeves/gloves were required. I probably should have worn pants, too, but I was too lazy to check the temperature before I walked out the door and decided to give my thighs a cold shock instead.1111150629Which got me thinking about all the new fitness wear I’ve got on my Christmas wish list. Here are some of my picks for this season! (Anthony I hope you are reading this post carefully)

1. Sweaty Betty Track Ready Run Jacket. This is the cutest! And given the brand and material, I bet it’s comfy and high-quality too. Plus, it somehow folds into its own bag/fanny pack thing? I’m intrigued.


2. Athleta Wind Warrior Tight. Remember when I went on a serious Athleta shopping spree last year? I bought a pair of running tights (these, in black) and have loved them ever since. The problem is that one pair simply isn’t enough :)


3. Lululemon Down for a Run Mittens. I’m okay being cold when I run, but the one thing I MUST keep warm is my hands!! I usually layer 2-3 pairs of gloves/mittens when it’s in the 0-20 degree range. These mittens look so incredibly warm AND they have mini pocket parts to keep chapstick, keys, etc.


4. Oiselle Mac Roga Shorts. I know these are completely out of season, but I’ve been on a shorts kick ever since I decided I was totally over tempo shorts. I’m slowly replacing my collection and many of you have recommended this brand/style! I just need to suck it up and buy a pair.


5. GapFit Fleece-Lined Hoodie. I don’t know if I’d do a more than a few miles in this, but it looks super cute to wear for a light jog or hanging out around the house. Anything with thumb holes and pockets and I am sold.


6. Brooks Women’s Seattle Tights. When it comes to tights/leggings, I like to keep it simple — no fancy prints or colors! I also hate tights that are made of cheap material that are thin and fall apart. I know Brooks takes its gear seriously and these look pretty hardcore.



What’s on your fitness wishlist this season?

3 thoughts on “my fitness apparel wish list

  1. Ohhh I will be checking out those lululemon mittens! I’ve been searching for a good cold running glove/mitten to replace some ugly oversized ski gloves I wore last year when it was like 10 degrees!

    Also, love the roga shorts! I went for the regular instead of Mac because they are just a little longer. My favorites are probably still the lululemon speeds, but the roga is a close second now :)

  2. clickclickclick! I just got a fleece-lined sweatshirt from Reebok that I have yet to actually wear because it is like 60 degrees still, but I’m looking forward to the time that I need it (sort of). In other cold weather running apparel news- I have a pair of under armour winter running tights (their coldgear) and they are the bomb. I have no idea what style they are but they’re so warm and comfortable. I also have one of their coldgear tops that I don’t really love the fit of (the head hole is a little tight for my gigantic head to fit through, but I got it at a sample sale so maybe that’s why) but it’s also so so warm.