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bacon, eggs, and ballet

Hello! How did you week go? After my half marathon on Sunday and a few after-work events throughout the week, I feel like Friday snuck right up on me. I’m not complaining!bacon and spinach quiche with broccoliLast night’s dinner was a simple & solo one. Spinach and bacon quiche on a whole wheat crust! For some reason quiche has become my go-to meal when Anthony is out of town. It pairs especially well with an episode of the Good Wife 😉 Any other fans out there?!bacon and spinach quiche with broccoliWhen it comes to pies I’m not picky about crusts. But when it comes to quiche, I think that you can taste the difference! I recommend this New York Times concoction. Don’t forget to make it a day in advance so you can let the dough chill in the fridge!bacon and spinach quiche with broccoliSpeaking of the New York Times, all of my vegetarian readers might want to check out the Well blog lately — they’re doing a series of seriously delicious-looking vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes! This lentil-stuffed squash sounds excellent (and I’m saying that after eating what was essentially a bacon-and-egg pie).

This morning I went on a little fitness adventure! Down to Franklin at a very early hour to visit this gorgeous studio:1113150703Xtend Barre has “xtended” a set of trial classes to me, and I’m excited to switch up my usual workout routine with a bit of ballet! Today was my second class and my triceps are on fire right now. Full review coming soon!
Have a great weekend!

  • Barre: Tried it? Thoughts?
  • Does your husband/significant other travel often?
  • Have you ever been, or are you currently, a vegetarian? (I was for about three months a few years ago)

3 thoughts on “bacon, eggs, and ballet

  1. My sister is a die hard Barre fan, but I’d yet to try it. My boy friend is working 2 hours away for 6 months then hopefully won’t have to travel too much after that. Never been a vegetarian, but naturally go meatless every now and then!

  2. My bunny graham loving aunt is coming for Thanksgiving this year and has been a vegetarian for 40ish years so I am in the market for some good vegetarian recipes! If all else fails I’ll give her a bowl of cranberry sauce. She’ll love it.