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good news & bad news {cardiobarre nashville review}

Here’s the good news: It’s the perfect temperature for a run outside this morning. And the bad news: I visited Cardiobarre Nashville last night. Let’s start with the good news :)1117150637It’s kind of a yucky day in terms of sunlight, but the temps are right in the mid/high 50s — aka light long sleeves, shorts, no gloves, and no sunglasses. Yes, that is how I interpret the weather each morning.1117150648Anthony and I headed to Shelby Park. I run here allllll the time and sometimes I get bored, but today we talked about how grateful we are to live so close to it! There aren’t a ton of greenways in Nashville so I’m glad we live near at least one of them :) I love you, Shelby Park.1117150645bAnd that was the good news. On the opposite side of the spectrum, I bring you Cardiobarre Nashville. This 8th Avenue South studio opened over the weekend and is offering free classes all week! Since I’m never one to pass on a new workout I thought I’d give it a shot.cardiobarre_nashville_review_1116151931aI signed up for the 6:30 pm class and was sad to see that we started a few minutes late. Without any real introduction or explanation, the instructor jumped right on in to some fast-paced movements to high-tempo music. I guess I’d thought that “cardiobarre” would mean bursts of cardio movements in between traditional barre movements, but I was wrong. It was more just like traditional barre movements, sped up 10x faster than usual. Does anyone remember that Saved by the Bell episode where they’re in a classical music class and they keep playing faster and faster? That’s what this felt like. The result was pretty hilarious — arms and legs were flying everywhere!

Also, let me pause here and say that I am generally not a huge fan of barre — I find it kind a little slow, with too much focus on form/perfection. Nevertheless, I’ve visited 6 different barre studios between Nashville and DC and have to say that this one was my least favorite. Ironically, I thought that it’d be my most favorite, because “cardio” implies that it’d be more fast-paced than the others. And while that was kind of true, the lack of instruction made it difficult to do the moves properly or keep up the pace. So, after visiting Cardiobarre I have a new appreciation for traditional barre instruction. Those ballerinas know what they’re doing. 

Side note: at one point we put our hands on our shoulders and just twisted back and forth, up and down. No idea what the purpose of that movement was. Ha!cardiobarre_nashville_review_1116151848aOn the plus side, our instructor was very upbeat and positive — I think she just needed an assistant, though. With 28 (yes, 28!!) new students, she simply could not teach the class and correct students’ form at the same time. It was a bit chaotic, and the blasting disco club remixes did not help calm things down.

As for the actual exercises, they were decent. The class followed a typical barre class structure, more or less: warm up/legs, then arm/legs at the barre, then hips and butt on the mat, then core work. Some of the seated movements were actually pretty challenging — we did them so fast, though, that I barely had time to get in the right position before we frantically moved on to something else.cardiobarre_nashville_review_1116151921aLast negative note about this studio, and then I’ll try to end it with some nice things at the end so I don’t come off as a total downer: carpet. Does this seem wrong to anyone else? cardiobarre_nashville_review_1116151832Oh wait, one more piece of bad news: A membership costs $175-$190 a month (!!). But here’s the good news, I guess: classes are still free for the rest of the week, and Cardiobarre Nashville is currently running a discounts for new members. So: don’t let my angry barre ramblings discourage you from trying this place out on your own. Since the studio just opened a few days ago, maybe there’s hope for it in the future!

  • Worst fitness class you’ve been to?
  • What’s your favorite running temperature?
  • Favorite Saved by the Bell moment?!

14 thoughts on “good news & bad news {cardiobarre nashville review}

  1. I love the honesty in this review! The scariest part is definitely the carpet… that can’t be sanitary. I’ve never tried any Barre classes, but I’ve been to some very uncomfortable/chanting yoga sessions. Not my thing!

  2. That carpet really weirds me out for some reason. Any place that produces sweat and has furry flooring seems like a bad combo.

  3. Uhm that sounds awful. It makes me so upset when fitness instructors don’t take the time to make sure people are doing things properly or at least explain themselves. I’ve felt like that during the core portion of a lot of barre classes, everything feels so rushed and I’m like wait what am I supposed to be squeezing right now? And then we’re onto something new.
    Probably the worst fitness class I’ve ever gone to though was a zumba class at a gym on long island. The dance portion of it was ok (and obviously great to learn more moves for the Latin Palace) but then the instructor moved onto “strength training” which just involved us picking up weights and continuing with the zumba moves with no instruction or modification. Everyone was throwing their arms around with these weights in their hands and I felt like I was going to dislocate a shoulder. The worst part was that the instructor didn’t pick up weights so she had no way of gauging if what she was doing was safe, comfortable, or effective.

    • that’s a steal of a deal! our gym is $74/month (for both me and anthony) but ours doesn’t offer much in terms of classes.

  4. I took two CardioBarre classes last week. The first one felt way too fast, though then I was sore the next day so I guess it did work? And I did sweat, so there’s that—that’s usually my big beef with barre classes. The second, there was more explanation and it felt like we spent more time on each move, so I much appreciated that one more!

    • yeah, i’m wondering if the class i went to was especially crazy because it was only the third day the studio was open? i also had a class full of sorority sisters which i admit skewed my impression 😉