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run, hike, eat + give me your nashville-area running trail recommendations!

First off, thanks for sharing your fitness horror stories yesterday! Keep them coming. They’re hilarious!

Apart from my cardiobarre experience, all of the other workouts over the past few days have been wonderful. The weather outside over the weekend was peeerfect for a run, so that’s what Anthony and I did!1114150919cWe covered about six miles on the trail near my parents’ house. Yesterday I talked about how many times I’ve run Shelby Park, and today I’m thinking about how many times I’ve run this trail (Tim’s Ford State Park)… locals: Any running trails (preferably paved) between Nashville and Winchester that you would recommend? I love my regular routes, but a trail of scenery would be nice!1114150929Other weekend adventures included some antique shopping. I’m calling this a workout because squeezing and stretching ourselves between aisles was like a mini yoga session.1114151335On Sunday, Anthony and I went for a hike! We’ve been wanting to do the Walls of Jericho trail for months but have been held up by rain a few times. Glad we were finally able to get out there!walls_of_jericho_hike_tn_1115151007The trail is over seven miles long and has some serious drops and turns. The forest was covered in leaves, too, which made it extra challenging to find your way and keep your balance. walls_of_jericho_hike_tn_1115150920bAnthony and I tried to keep up a brisk pace but the leaves slowed us down! We finished in about four hours. Anthony probably could have finished in three if he was hiking solo but I slowed us down with my leaf and bug fear + blog photos :)
I guess I’m not afraid of standing on rickety tree trunks over water, though.walls_of_jericho_hike_tn_1115151009The turnaround point of this hike is the best. It looked so grey compared to the lush green it was when we saw it in the summer!walls_of_jericho_hike_tn_1115151038cAll that hiking made us hungry. Later in the day we headed to a Mufreesboro hot spot for some Thai food. thai_pittaya_mufreesboro_tn_DSC0186Hit the spot.thai_pittaya_mufreesboro_tn_DSC0188And now we’re all caught up!

  • Nashville-area running trail recommendations?
  • Are you afraid of bugs/heights/something else?
  • Favorite season to be outside?

3 thoughts on “run, hike, eat + give me your nashville-area running trail recommendations!

  1. When I am in town (Brentwood) I love running from my inlaw’s house on the trails there. I have even done it once where I go all the way to my sister in law’s house and back, making almost 22 miles!!

    I HATE running thru spider webs. And I HATE misquitoes, too.

    Fall is my favorite, followed by summer!!

  2. So sorry I couldn’t have joined you on this (but Sewanee Inn brunch is a MUST for one of your future trips down)—I promise to do a hike with you soon! Walls of Jericho looks awesome.