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fall running + friendsgiving #4 {weekend recap}

How was your weekend? Ours started and ended slow but Saturday was a busy one!1121150715dAnthony and I were out bright and early for a long-ish run. We “only” did 9 miles which would have been a joke during marathon training… but now that race day is long gone, 8-10 miles feels just right for a weekend jog :)1121150726aIt’s finally getting cold in Nashville (boo), but it was still a beautiful day to be outside.1121150749Anthony and I basically had the park to ourselves which meant we could stop and take a sweaty selfie and nobody would judge.1121150743cDone!1121150811When we got home I cooked up an omelet, which takes a few more minutes than scrambled eggs but seems fancier to eat somehow. Agree? Disagree?_DSC0249And then I headed to the grocery store to stock up on Thanksgiving ingredients! Lots of food to chop and cook for our 4th annual friendsgiving feast. This year we named our bird Terry and she was quite tasty._DSC0252We set the table for eight people in total — including one little guest :)_DSC0260On the menu:

Everyone went back for seconds!
_DSC0258And then dessert. I’ve been obsessed with Jamie Oliver’s pumpkin pie recipe this year. This was the third time I’ve made it in three weeks! (I just make the filling and use a basic/non-GF crust recipe or a store-bought GF crust instead)
Whipped cream + Tracee’s homemade ice cream on the side :)_DSC0262Friendsgiving #4: success! I slept like a champ on Saturday night and spend a lot of time on Sunday eating leftovers and napping. 1122151247aBut eventually I got off the couch and went outside! It was too beautiful out there to stay indoors all day.1122151549Anthony and I were going to just go for a walk but it was so cold out that we decided to run instead. Must keep moving! 1122151541Five miles. Good way to finish off the weekend.1122151529And now it’s time for a short week!

  • How long is your “long” run when you’re not training for a race?
  • Favorite style of eggs? Omelet, scrambled, over easy, sunny side up, hard boiled?
  • Favorite Thanksgiving dish?!

3 thoughts on “fall running + friendsgiving #4 {weekend recap}

  1. I like to keep myself at 8-10 miles, that way I am ready to tackle a half marathon without much work.

    I prefer scrambled, but sometimes an omelet is the way to go!

    And I really like the white meat turkey and sweet potatoes!

  2. Your friendsgiving food looks amazing! Sweet potato anything is always my favorite dish regardless of the occasion. In my off-season long runs are usually around 10 miles and I would say an omelette or poached eggs are pretty fancy!