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new workout, new dinner, new music

Morning! This morning shot was taken while in park, not on the run. (ps, Nashvillians – did you hear about the new restaurant that’s replacing part of Hunter’s?)1124150728aI’ve had some weird pain in my right foot for the past week or so — I’m pretty sure it’s a little case of good old plantar fasciitis, which is one of the most common ailments distance runners face. I’m hoping that a few days of rest and perhaps a new pair of shoes (hello, Black Friday!) should do the trick :).

In the meantime, I’m hitting the gym! Luckily I got some new toys from Aurorae to use while I’m there. aurorae_yoga_resistance_bands1123150645bI’m a pretty big fan of resistance bands because they’re simple, light, and very portable! This resistance band kit would be great for traveling as well as at-home workouts. It even comes with a door strap attachment and sample workout book so that you can increase the variety of movements/amount of resistance. I did a bunch of arm exercises yesterday and can feel the burn this morning.
As for the rest of my workout, I went with a Nike Training Club routine. After 2,753 minutes of working out with this app, I still think it never gets old.
And here’s something new: our latest Cook Smarts creation:salmon_lemon_kebabs_DSC0199Salmon + lemons skewered and grilled, with a drizzle of lemon-yogurt dressing. They were delicious but I think I loved the citrus salad even more!salmon_lemon_kebabs__DSC0204This meal took a fair amount of prep work, but once I knocked that out in the morning/weekend, it was easy to assemble on a weeknight. Plus I got to use za’atar which is the most fun seasoning of all time (Alanna!).salmon_lemon_kebabs__DSC0202My soundtrack for the day: Sjowgren! Just discovered this band and wish they had more songs. Time to hit the repeat button again.

  • What band/artist have you been digging lately?
  • Pre-meal prep work: yay or nay?
  • Ever had plantar fasciitis? Will I recover with a few days off?

5 thoughts on “new workout, new dinner, new music

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your plantar fasciitis! I’ve had it a couple times and it starts to flare up to tell me when I need to shoes.

    The good news is that continuing to run with it won’t cause have any lasting damage so you can still do your thing and there are a lot of great ways to fix it or make it feel better!

    I haven’t had it since I started wearing green Superfeet inserts in my Pureflows, but I use to massage it with a tennis ball and stretch that fascia under my foot and that would be a good temporary relief. I hope this helps!

  2. Oh man- I had a bout with PF over last winter/spring. Like pretty much all running injuries, it’s improved with glute strength. In the meanwhile, rolling my foot over a
    Frozen can of beans (or whatever) provided amazing relief- better than the frozen water bottle everyone suggests. I also have a little sheet of foot stretches that helped tremendously- I will email them to you. If it’s truly PF (hallmarks: heel(ish) pain that’s worst in am and after sitting for awhile), it’ll take more than a couple days, but as long as I was stretching like a maniac and rolling the can before and/or after a run, I was able to run through it without being too bothered. Do not Google “running with PF” Bc you will get these horror stories of people whose PF went on for years despite Repeated interventions- I suspect these people were not the most devoutly compliant with their stretching and strengthening! I also saw a PT who did like 20 minutes of foot massage/stretching (umm- awesome) and dry needling… But that was after I had done nothing about it for like 3ish months, so you might not be that far along. Good luck!

    • wow, thank you!! i’m not sure exactly what it is, but it IS in my heel and outside of my foot and is definitely worse in the morning. in the evenings i can barely even tell it’s there but in the mornings i’m like, limping. weird. it’s not super painful but definitely not normal. BUT today is day 3 of no running and it seems to be feeling a little better. i did some of the stretches you recommended and am going to attempt a little jog tomorrow! let’s see how it goes :)