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here are a few of my 129382093810290 photos from the past 4 days

Hello and happy belated Thanksgiving! adeles_nashville_the_gulch_DSC0285I can’t believe it’s been four days since I last posted. I have approximately 129382093810290 photos to share… but the break felt good. Here’s what we were up to for the holiday!

Thursday morning I met up with Katie for a pre-turkey run. Even though the sun was juuuust coming up when we met, I could tell it was going to be a gorgeous day.1126150627The streets were weirdly empty during our jog around East Nashville. I guess normal people sleep in on days off of work but crazy people like myself and my friends like to wake up at 5:30 just because we’re crazy.1126150717What am I thankful for this year? The abundance of street furniture that surprises me no matter what route I take.1126150737Eight miles, done! 1126150741After the run I showered up, put on real clothes, and popped a loaf of bread in the oven. It’d been rising while I ran :). Then I delivered it to my brother’s new house, fresh out of the oven! Because nothing smells more like home than a big loaf of bread. 1126150924aAt noon my whole family + another family we celebrate with every year headed out for a turkey day feast. Typically we do a giant fried turkey extravaganza at my parents’ house (recaps here and here), but everyone’s schedules are so crazy this year that we all decided to go out instead. Destination: Adele’s!
Going out for Thanksgiving was a fun change (and a lot better than the pizza buffet Anthony and I did a few years back).adeles_nashville_the_gulch_DSC0273 Adele’s had a giant buffet of awesomeness:
That featured everything from cranberry-kale salad to fire-roasted turkey. So much food.adeles_nashville_the_gulch_DSC0279Look at them smoking. Yum!adeles_nashville_the_gulch_DSC0276My plate was piled pretty high and I had no problem polishing it off. My favorite part was actually in the bowl beside it: butternut squash soup!adeles_nashville_the_gulch_DSC0287Thanksgiving 2015 was a success! The best part was doing absolutely 0.0000 dishes afterwards, too :)

After an epic nap, we walked off our turkey and taters with a stroll around Opry Mills. What can I say. I live for the Black Friday rush.1126152001aOff to enjoy our last day of this break! See you tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “here are a few of my 129382093810290 photos from the past 4 days

  1. Hello, it’s me, I was wondering
    If after all these years you’d like to come over to eat Thanksgiving
    They say that turkey’s supposed to be stuffed, yeah
    But I ain’t done much stuffing

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist . . .