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catching up + grey days

Another grey day:1130150659bSince I have zero goals on the running front, that means that I don’t have to run when it’s gross outside if I don’t want to :). Anthony and I headed to the gym this morning, instead!

Though we did brave the rain yesterday:1129151054aBlah. But, getting outside still felt nice. 1129151054And the day before…1128150714aI wore bright pink shorts to try and brighten things up. 1128150719dBut let’s talk about my shirt! It’s from the Gap (their GapFit line) and I love it. Thumb holes and soft, breathable fabric. I just checked and it’s 40% off this Cyber Monday! Might need to buy another one. ps: I don’t recommend drinking Coca-Cola, but this mural is too cool not to pose with. 1128150720aSix miles, done!

Latest food news: we decided to boil nine pounds of shrimp the other night. NBD._DSC0304This year Anthony and I hosted my family’s annual shrimp boil (yes, I know my family has a lot of weird traditions around Thanksgiving) and it was a hit. The whole theme is to put everything in paper/cardboard boxes and plates so that you just roll it up and toss it when you’re done :)
My favorite part of the evening was playing Thanksgiving trivia and coloring this awesome color-able tablecloth that my mom picked out for my toddler-aged nieces and nephews…_DSC0307Peel and eat!_DSC0312We’re alllmooost caught up with all the Thanksgiving break photos except for one! Craziest adventure of the weekend was our late-night run to Aldi last night. And by late night, I mean 7 pm.  We’d realized that we were out of our favorite Moser Roth chocolate bars and had to go buy 12 more.1129151856aHave a sweet day!

  • Favorite chocolate brand?
  • Weirdest family tradition you have?
  • What other good online shopping deals should I check out today?!

4 thoughts on “catching up + grey days

  1. That’s the least messy Shrimp Broil I’ve ever seen! The weather has been so dreary. I started getting a little freaked out on my long run through PWP on Saturday because I was the only pedestrian and it was dark in the middle of the day. and of course I didn’t bring my phone :)

  2. That would be a late night run for me too. If I don’t go run errands right after work, I likely won’t go (or will go in my pajamas/sweats). Chocolate is worth it though! I love your quirky family traditions! That makes the holidays (or any day) more fun!